Digital Scholarship Seminar

The Digital Scholarship Seminar is a seminar for researchers working in any branch of the arts and humanities who are engaged in the creation and/or exploitation of digital resources in the course of their research.

The aims of the seminar are:

  1. To build and reinforce connections among the community of scholars in NUIG currently working on projects with digital elements.
  2. To provide a network of support for academics and students beginning new research programmes with a digital focus.
  3. To facilitate sharing of expertise among researchers engaged in digital methods and scholarship.
  4. To increase awareness of current digital projects among the wider research community.
  5. To bring outside expertise on digital research to NUIG on a regular basis with invited speakers.

Our Spring 2013 seminar series has now ended (see Archive).

See below for plans for Autumn 2013.


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Pádraic Moran (Classics):
Justin Tonra (English):


Programme: Spring Seminar 2014

Tuesday 11 March, 2–3pm. Moore Institute Room G010

Dr Giles Bergel (Visiting Speaker, University of Oxford)
Image, Text, Tune and Tradition: Some Semantic and Computational Approaches to Digitising the Broadside Ballad


Tuesday 18 March, 10am–12pm. Moore Institute Room G011

Dr Véronique Montémont (Visiting Speaker, Université de Lorraine)
Database Management in the Present Context of Digital Humanities

John Cox (University Librarian, NUI Galway) & Martin Bradley (Archives and Records Management Consultant)
The Abbey Theatre Digital Archive @ NUI Galway


Tuesday 25 March, 12–2pm. Moore Institute Room G010

Dr Brett Hirsch (Visiting Speaker, University of Western Australia)
Towards an Electronic Edition of Fair Em, or, Much Ado About the Miller’s Daughter of Manchester


Tuesday 8 April 12–2pm. Moore Institute Room G010

Dr Niall Ó Dochartaigh (Political Science & Sociology, NUI Galway)
Technologies of Peace

Dr Ida Federica Pugliese (Moore Institute, NUI Galway)
The (Dis?)advantages of Using Technologies to Enhance Qualitative Research Projects


Please note that these talks will take place in the new Moore Institute venue on the ground floor of the AHSS building, adjacent to the James Hardiman Library.

Refreshments will be served after the talks on 18 & 25 March and 8 April.