The NUI Galway Award for Employability

Employability Award

The NUI Galway Employability Award is a recognition of learning and skills developed through work experience and extra-curricular activities.  It is designed to support you by engaging in employability enhancement activities beyond your degree.

This award is designed to give you the opportunity to increase your employability skills by

  • getting recognition for your work experience and leadership roles
  • developing your skills for work
  • articulating what you can offer to future employers

 Employability Framework

To complete the NUI Galway Employability Award you must

  • Attend an introductory employability workshop
  • Complete work experience hours (40 hrs experience minimum)
  • Attend at least ONE skills development event
  • Attend at least TWO career workshops
  • Complete & submit your CV and self-reflection 

 Semester 2 Skills & Career Events. NUI Galway Employability Award

This award encourages you to participate fully in university life, gain work experience and develop your employability skills.  This NUI Galway Employability Award will help you stand out from the crowd in the employer’s job market.

For more information or to register to complete the award please email