Welcome to the Ryan Institute

Advancing sustainability and innovation is central to the research activities of the Ryan Institute's Research Centres/Clusters and Research Groups. The Ryan Institute is advancing research and partnerships to contribute to the majority of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that apply both nationally and internationally between now and 2030.

Sustainable Development Goals Panels

The Ryan Institute is focussed on four thematic research areas, namely (1) Marine & Coastal, (2) Energy & Climate Change, (3) Agriculture & BioEconomy, and (4) Environment & Health. The Ryan Institute is comprised of 12 Research Centres/Clusters spanning the four thematic research areas. The Ryan Institute is NUI Galway's largest research institute comprised of 89 Research Groups and 12 Research Centres/Clusters that are responsible for over 600 funded research projects comprising circa. 20% of the overall research income of NUI Galway.

The Ryan Institute is a powerhouse for the inter-disciplinary research and innovation that is necessary to address the many sustainable development challenges facing society today, at both national and global scales. The Ryan Institute is a cross-cutting Research Institute of NUI Galway with research groups drawn from all Colleges across NUI Galway, with internationally-renowned expertise spanning sciences, engineering, socio-economics and health.