Senior Mathematics Enrichment Programme 2019

We are pleased to announce that the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics will be running an extra-curricular Mathematics Enrichment programme for senior cycle students on some Saturdays throughout the next few months, commencing January 26th.  The programme is likely to be of interest to students who have an exceptionally strong interest in mathematics, who enjoy mathematical challenges and who are keen to expand their knowledge of the the subject beyond the post-primary curriculum.  Our goal is to introduce students to the excitment and buzz of mathematical discovery - of finding a new method or idea to solve a problem that had previously seemed impossible.  The course is open to any interested student and is free of charge, but we will assume that students are familiar with Junior Cert level mathematics.

It will include some consideration of mathematical problem-solving, in the style of the Irish and International Mathematical Olympiads which is the world's most prestigious mathematical contest.  Students will have the option of participating in the selection contests for the Irish teams for the European Girls Mathematical Olympiad (in Kiev in April) and the International Mathematical Olympiad (in Bath in July).


We request that intending participants arrange for a parent or guardian to send the following information by email to Collette McLoughlin ( by January 23:

- the student's name and school
- any special circumstance of which we should be aware
- an  indication of consent from the parent/guardian to the student's participation
- emergency contact details

Venue and Dates

NUI Galway classes will take place in AC204, Concourse, Arts/Sciences Building on the NUI Galway main campus (Campus Map).

Each session begins at 11.00am and finishes at 1.30pm.  There will be a 20 minute break during the session.

The following is the proposed schedule for the 2019 NUI Galway maths enrichment programme.  Please check this for regular updates.



January 26

Introductory Session

Dr. Rachel Quinlan

February 2

Triangular Numbers and Visual Proofs

Dr. Niall Madden

February 9 

 Number Theory

Dr. Goetz Pfeiffer

March 2

 Geometric Progressions

Dr John Burns

March 9

 Elementary Number Theory

Dr. Graham Ellis

March 23

 The Arithmetic Mean-Geometric Mean nequality and its pplications

Dr. Nina Snigireva

March 30

 The Pigeonhole Principle

Dr. Angela Carnevale

May 4


Dr. Tobias Rossmann