Although finding your way around the campus isn’t really an academic skill, it is a key skill for surviving the early weeks and months of University life. It can take some time to get your bearings and to feel confident about getting where you need to go on campus. Why not take a virtual tour to get a sense of the NUI Galway campus? Make sure to take at least one real-life tour of the campus as well. 

Campus Map

The NUI Galway campus covers over 105 hectares of land along the River Corrib. The South Campus includes the oldest part of the University (the Quadrangle) and is located near Galway Cathedral. The North Campus is located near the junction of Upper Newcastle Road and Thomas Hynes Road and includes Corrib Village, the Park and Ride facility and Dangan Sports Pavilion. It takes about 20-30 minutes to walk from the Park and Ride facility in the North Campus to the Quadrangle in the South Campus.

Here is a detailed campus map and here is a list of maps for different purposes. You may also find this map with photos of key buildings and this Google map helpful.

Getting to and around the campus

Whether you walk, drive, cycle or take public transport to NUI Galway, it’s good to be aware of the options for getting around campus once you’re here. The NUI Galway campus is very walkable for those with good mobility, and walking may be the cheapest and easiest – if not the fastest – way to get around. Here are a few things to know about getting to and around the campus:

Campus shuttle bus

During term-time, there is a free shuttle bus service running from the Dangan Park and Ride facility in the North Campus to the Orbsen Building in the central campus, with several stops along the route. Buses usually run every 15 minutes during peak times in the morning and evening, and at less frequent intervals during the day. There is no night time bus service, and there is no service during the summer months. Check out the bus timetable.

Student parking on campus

As a student, you can purchase a student parking permit that will allow you to park in the only designated student car park on campus near the Kingfisher Gym, in the shared staff/student car park opposite Blocks D and E near the Quadrangle, or at the Dangan Park and Ride facility in the North Campus (see the parking map).

The designated student car park has limited parking and is usually full by around 8am during the semester.

Alternatively, students can park in the Pay and Display parking spaces, which are located around the campus. This can be a costly option and some of these spaces only allow short-term parking.

You can park anywhere on campus after 5.30 pm on weekdays and at weekends, without the need for a permit. Overnight parking is prohibited. Clamping is in operation on campus between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm from Monday to Friday.

Find out more about parking here.

Cycling on campus

There are bicycle racks (covered and uncovered) dotted around the campus, as well as a secure bicycle compound (which you need to swipe in and out of, using your student ID card), and some cycle lockers, where you can park your bike, close to the James Hardiman Library. See this map for the location of bicycle racks, the bicycle compound and cycle lockers, and changing/showering facilities for cyclists. You can find out more about cycling on campus here.


There is an accessible route across parts of the NUI campus for the mobility impaired. This is physically marked with large blue dots and is also represented by blue dots on the campus map. You can find out more about campus accessiblity here.

Many of the lifts on campus may be used by all students. However, some lifts operate by swipe card access only – contact the Disability Support Service if you need to access these lifts or if you encounter any accessibility issues.

Finding your classroom

In the early days and weeks at NUI Galway, just finding your classrooms can be a challenging task. If you can start by finding out which buildings you need to be in, then finding specific rooms becomes a bit easier.

Here are floor plans for some of the main buildings on the South Campus:

Arts/Science building (the building that includes the very long corridor known as ‘the concourse’)

Arts Millennium building

IT building

For a list of teaching and learning spaces at NUI Galway, see our guide to finding your classroom


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