COVID-19: Updates and information

When should I self-isolate? 

You should self-isolate in the following instances: 
  1. If you have symptoms of COVID-19.
  2. While you await a test appointment and your test results, if you have symptoms of COVID-19.
  3. If you have had a positive test result for COVID-19, even if you have mild symptoms no symptoms.
If you are being tested as a close contact and you do not have symptoms of COVID-19, you should restrict your movements. You will only need to self-isolate if you develop symptoms of COVID-19.   

  • Stay at home, in a room with a window you can open.
  • Keep away from other people - especially older people or anyone with a long-term medical condition.
  • Phone your GP to see if you need a test for COVID-19 (coronavirus).
  • Use a different bathroom to others in your household, if possible.
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes using a tissue - clean your hands properly after.
  • Ask friends, family or delivery drivers to drop off food or supplies - if they stand back from the door, you can speak with them.
  • Wash your hands properly and often.
  • Use your own towel - do not share a towel with others.
  • Clean your room every day with a household cleaner or disinfectant.

    Full details here:

Am I immune if I have already contracted Covid-19? 

We spoke to Dr Eoin Mac Donncha, Medical Director, Student Health Unit and Dr Breda Smyth, Director of Public Health, HSE West, who told us what we can learn from the research and the recent outbreak among students in Galway in February 2021.

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What can we learn from this semester's Covid-19 outbreak in Galway? 

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 among Galway students in February 2021, Dr Breda Smyth, Director of Public Health, HSE West, and Dr Eoin Mac Donncha, Medical Director, Student Health Unit, share their insights of how this outbreak came about and what we can all learn from this experience.

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WHAT TO DO - If you are a close contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19

WHAT TO DO - If you have tested positive for COVID-19

International Students - Incoming and prospective 

Where can I find information about coming to NUI Galway?

Find out everything you need to know here 

Recent Updates - May/June 2021

Update for Staff and Students - Friday, 4th June

Increase in Covid-19 cases:

The HSE has informed us of a number of positive cases of Covid-19 among our campus community in recent weeks.  If you have symptoms of Covid-19 you should contact the Student Health Unit or your own GP for formal consultation and advice. You can request a consultation with the health unit here, or phone 091494337.

With many of our community travelling home this weekend, you do not want to take Covid-19 with you. Even if you’ve no symptoms, you can visit the campus test centre on a walk-in basis to be tested for Covid-19.  You do not need an appointment or a GP referral.  The same applies to all test centres throughout the country, so please visit the HSE website for more information.  Please be safe and continue to follow the public health guidelines.  Covid-19 is still present and causing illness. Until you are vaccinated and protected from Covid-19 you may still get sick and infect others.

Update for Staff and Students - Monday, 17 May

Dear colleague,

As we mark the beginning of exams at the end of this extraordinary year, we wish all of our students the best of luck. Ordinarily at this time of year, our corridors would be humming with activity with students busily swapping advice on the way into their exam venues and exchanging post-mortems on the way out. This week, however, most of you will be sitting exams online at home.

You might understandably feel cut off from the university community at this time, focused on your own exam performance. However, please do not let that emphasis on results overtake your sense of fairness to others and to the integrity of the exams process: you will remember these days – not only how you did but what you did to get there.

Please also remember that there are lots of supports available to you remotely from where you are. We know that exams are a stressful time for many students. If your stress or anxiety is having an adverse impact on your studies, your health and your wellbeing, please reach out to our student supports, which you can find listed on the University Alerts webpage.

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Exam Information and Supports

Taking care of yourself

Dealing with Anxiety as we Emerge from Lockdown

5km gems

Summer Staycations

Research & Innovation Consultation

Stay Connected

Exam Information and Supports

Please keep in mind these useful sources of information to help students during exam time.

· Exams Office: For information on exam timetables and policies, visit:

· Student FAQs about Exams: See answers to a list of common student questions about exams here on the University Alerts webpage

· Student Support Services: See how to contact our Student Services remotely by clicking ‘Contacting Student Services and Supports’ on the University Alerts webpage

Taking care of yourself

With the added pressure of exams, you or someone you know may need support from trained professionals to help deal with stress on your mental and physical health. Know that there are lots of services here to help.

  • Crisis Textline – Text ‘NUIG’ to 50808
  • NUI Galway Student Counselling – Email
  • Student Health Unit – Call 091 492 604 or Email
  • Chaplaincy service – Call or Text 087 203 7538

Dealing with Anxiety as we Emerge from Lockdown

Recent cautious steps towards the lifting of lockdown restrictions in Ireland has brought us all a sense of hope. However, for many of us, emerging out of lockdown may bring its own stress and anxiety. Professor Molly Byrne (Psychology) is a member of the national Covid-19 Communications and Behavioural Advisory Group that has been advising the Department of Health throughout the pandemic. Here she shares some practical advice for dealing with anxiety at this time. 

Please share her video message with anyone you think might need it.

5km gems

As we begin to emerge gradually from Level 5 restrictions, we have all become very familiar with the walks, nature, activities and businesses in our 5km radius! As we now begin to move around a bit more freely, we asked university staff to share with us some of the hidden gems within their locality that we might enjoy too over the summer break.

Many of the suggestions revolve around nice walking routes around Galway, and the nearby sights and cafés that can enhance your visit.

Take a look at our staff’s 5km gems and plan an outdoor excursion today.

Summer Staycations

While remaining cautious, we all hope that Covid-19 restrictions will continue to ease over the summer months. With that in mind, our Campus Living team is looking ahead to summer on campus and preparing for family staycations here in Galway. Ireland’s universities want to support the gradual reopening of society, and part of the contribution we can make is by providing high quality self-catering accommodation to support family holidays. Across the country, we hope that our campuses can slowly begin again to welcome people and activities to our cities. It is early days, but we all continue to live in hope. Find out more about our universities’ efforts to support staycations in Ireland by visiting: www.oncampus.

Research & Innovation Consultation

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis our research community has played a profound role in understanding and addressing the impact of the pandemic on health and life. We are rightly proud of the contribution our researchers have made here in the university, in our city and country, and around the world. We are feeling the impact of this work in tangible ways today, and no doubt will continue to do so in the future as the pandemic continues to evolve.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we want to make sure that our research and innovation continues to address the world’s most pressing issues with the focused expertise of our research community. We are currently finalising our Research and Innovation Strategy for the years ahead, and on behalf of the Vice-President for Research and Innovation, I would like to encourage our research community to share their input on the specific challenge of defining those global challenges that we have genuine transformative potential to address.

Through the initial consultation, a number of challenge areas have already come to the fore:

  • Human-Centred development of Data science
  • Models of Equity and Social Justice for global transformation
  • Energy transition
  • Mitigation and Adaptation in Agriculture for Food Security
  • One Health and Combatting Anti-Microbial Resistance
  • ​​​​​​​Ocean and Coastal Health

In order to make sure that we fully capture the potential of NUI Galway to address a number of global challenges, the Research Office is now conducting a further consultation, which will close on Friday 21 May. We are inviting individual researchers and interdisciplinary groups to make a submission to that addresses the following questions:

  • What specific Global Challenge can researchers at NUI Galway make a transformative impact on?
  • What internal expertise, external partnerships and stakeholders will be needed to address this Global Challenge?
  • Which of these are already in place (not required), and which would need to be fostered in future?​​​​​​​

Further information on the process and on the development of our Research and Innovation strategy is available on a dedicated SharePoint site here which we will update regularly.

‘Sheer enthusiasm for the subject’

Last week saw the sad passing of Seamus Deane, ‘fathach fir’ in Irish literature as described by our colleague and his friend Breandán MacSuibhne on Nuacht TG4 (12:22 to 13:54). Mar a dúirt Breandán, ‘tá an crann is airde sa choill ar lár’.

In an interview in 1981, reported by Siobhán McSweeney in The Poets’ Picture of Education (The Crane Bag, 1983, p. 136), Deane describes what characterised the good teachers he knew:

it was more sheer enthusiasm for the subject that seemed to go along with a sympathy for the individuals in the class.

As, last week, we also presented the President’s Teaching Awards to a number of our colleagues, I am inclined to think that Deane’s remembrances of enthusiasm for the subject are an appropriate reflection of their talent and ‘a sympathy for the individuals in the class’ an apposite calling in these disconnected times.

Stay Connected

Exams are a rite of passage for our students, marking the end of a semester of study and the beginning of a summer of possibilities and the sense of reflection that this time brings. You deserve no less.

You have been forced by the pandemic to maintain your relationship with our university community remotely, in large part, over the past academic year and, while we look forward with hope to more in-person interaction in the next academic year, we hope that you will continue to stay connected with us and with each other remotely over the summer.

Share your joys and your adventures with us, tagging the university in your social media updates when you can. We take great pride in seeing our students flourish.

Wishing you all a relaxing, restorative and fulfilling summer break.

Kind regards,


Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh

President, NUI Galway

All Staff Webinar - WATCH BACK - Tuesday 11 May

Watch a full recording of the All-Staff webinar here

See times of topics and further links below

Webinar listing and links:

  • 0.00.48: Start of webinar
  • 0.04.49: Introduction from University President, Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh
  • 0.12.28: Planning for the Year Ahead: Professor Pól Ó Dochartaigh (Deputy President & Registrar)
  • Learning from Covid-19: video with 8 staff – watch on YouTube
  • 0.24.44: Library Strategy Launch: Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh + watch a short video introducing the Library strategy on YouTube
  • Open Scholarship: video with 3 Library staff – watch on YouTube. More information about Open Scholarship Week at
  • 0.34.39: Gender Pay Gap: Professor Anne Scott (Vice-President: Equality & Diversity)
  • 0.40.53: Active* Consent: Dr Charlotte McIvor (O’Donoghue Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance) – view the staff awareness video about sexual consent, violence and harassment today
  • 0.46.06: Sustainability update: Michelle O’Dowd-Lohan (Sustainability Officer)
  • Dealing with Anxiety as we Emerge from Lockdown: advice from Psychology Professor Molly Byrne – watch on YouTube
  • 0.57.19: Q&A
  • 1.14.13: Student Numbers & Academic Council Elections: Caroline Loughnane (Secretary for Governance & Academic Affairs)
  • 1.22.12: Teaching Excellence Awards: Professor Pól Ó Dochartaigh + Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh

Thanks to everyone who contributed questions and comments during the webinar. See you next time!

See how the Library is evolving… Watch the introduction to the Library Strategy 2021-25 here

Bí ar an eolas faoi na hathruithe atá le teacht sa Leabharlann… Féach ar fhíseán faoi Straitéis na Leabharlainne 2021-25 anseo

Update for Staff and Students - Tuesday 4 May

Dear colleague,

I hope you enjoyed a restful holiday weekend.

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National Covid-19 restrictions update

From 10 May…

  • Travel
  • Gatherings
  • Sport and Fitness

Space on Campus for Study and Sitting Exams

  • Sitting Online Exams on Campus
  • Study Spaces on Campus

Sharing Student Stories from Lockdown

A summer of staycations

Idir Dhá Thine Bhealtaine

This is the final week of a long and challenging academic year and I would like to start by saying thank you for seeing it through. Our entire university community – students and staff – deserve gratitude and great respect for the commitment, agility and resilience you have shown throughout the academic year to get this far. We wish our students every success as they complete their studies and prepare for exams.

We have also reached a significant moment in the calendar – passing Lá Bealtaine or May Day, which marks the start of summer according to the traditional calendar. It was a time of bonfires and gatherings in centuries past. While our country continues to fight the Covid pandemic, there are some sparks of hope this week with the announcement of the Government’s staged lifting of restrictions, the brighter days and longer evenings, and the completion of an extraordinary year in our university’s history.

1 May is also more recently recognised in Europe as Labour Day. We commend all those working for us and on our behalf at this time. Hopefully, the Covid pandemic – with all its challenges – will enhance our respect for work and for those who work in caring for us, serving us and protecting us through difficult times. Their value is clearer now more than ever.

National Covid-19 restrictions update

Last week the Government announced a roadmap of new public health measures for May and June 2021. We will keep our university community informed as we respond to the phased easing of some restrictions on campus. But in the meantime, please familiarise yourself with the national guidelines.


Travel: Travel between counties in Ireland will be permitted. Public transport will run at 50% capacity.

Gatherings: Indoor social visits will be permitted for those who are vaccinated only. For everyone else, restrictions on outdoor gatherings will be eased as follows:

  • Outdoor social visits, including in private gardens, will be permitted for a maximum of 3 households or 6 people from any number of households
  • Organised outdoor gatherings will be permitted for a maximum attendance of 15 people

Sport and Fitness:

  • Outdoor training will be permitted for adults in pods of a maximum of 15 people
  • Restrictions on gyms and indoor swimming pools will remain in place until June. In the meantime, the Kingfisher Club has extended its Free Fitness Club Digital Membership to all staff and students until the end of May 2021. Download the Kingfisher App today to access home workouts and guided fitness sessions.


Sitting Online Exams on Campus: Please note Friday, 7 May is the closing date for registering your interest in a space on-campus to sit your online examsThese supervised spaces are for students with scheduled online exams only. If you need a space with reliable wifi and away from the distractions of home, please indicate your exam dates and times using this form:

Study Spaces on Campus: Please note that the Library Seat & Equipment Booking system has changed from period-based bookings to open bookings. This provides students with greater flexibility as exams approach.

The change...

·         Eliminates cancellation email issues allowing students to book seats at any point in the day and check in up to 30 minutes after the start time

·         Gives students more flexibility in choosing when they will arrive at the library

·         Allows students to book a maximum of 8 hours per day and minimum of 1 hour

o    The max of 8 hours in the Library is the same amount of time as two periods, the previous booking limit

o    The 8 hours do not need to be consecutive

o    Students can also book unlimited time per day in any other study venue

Sharing Student Stories from Lockdown

At the end of this exceptional year, it is a great opportunity for you to reflect on how you’ve managed during this pandemic and the efforts you’ve made to keep your community safe. Despite all the lockdowns, so many of our students have been making the most of life and using their free time in a positive way. We believe that by sharing your stories, other students can take comfort that they’re not alone during this challenging time.

  • Instagram stories: See for yourself how students are sharing their stories through our Instagram channel @NUIGalway – and record and share your own. 
  • Prime Time students: Meanwhile a group of NUI Galway students shared their experience of university life in lockdown in a recent RTÉ Prime Time report. You can listen to their stories here.

summer of staycations

It is increasingly likely that our summer holidays will again be characterised by staycations and excursions within the island of Ireland. No matter where the destination is, all forms of tourism have some impact on the people and environment that we visit. With that in mind, Dr Kevin Lynch (Geography) drew together five tips to ensure your staycation is a responsible one. You can find out more on RTÉ Brainstorm.

Idir Dhá Thine Bhealtaine

There is a phrase in the Irish language pertaining to this time of year. Someone can be described as being ‘idir dhá thine Bhealtaine’. It translates literally as being ‘between two May Day fires’ but the better English language equivalent might be between a rock and a hard place, to be on the horns of a dilemma.

As we mark the feast of Bealtaine, it seems to me that our community and our society are collectively located between two different instincts: the caution of the past year and the optimism of the months to come. This brings its own sense of dilemma. Looking back, we recognise the devastation and disruption that this pandemic has brought to our families, our networks and our everyday life and freedom. At this point, as we look ahead, we have cause for hope. However, we also know that this optimism has been hard won and could be quickly lost.

Once again, we place our hope and confidence in each other and in the public health experts who are guiding our gradual emergence from lockdown – belief in each other and resolve in our own actions to continue to fight this deadly virus in our community.

Paula Meehan’s poem Crossing the Threshold brings together this dilemma of hope and the value of caring and of work, apposite of this May day in 2021. She recites her poem here.

Reflecting on her nieces who are nurses, she writes:

When I ask what they’d say to you of their lives now,

this: how unnatural to say goodbye

through windows, Facetime, Zoom,

the machines ticking out their cycles; how we find new ways

to hold and be held; how we deepen in mercy,

in kindness. And this is routine! All this is normal!

They step over the threshold, outer to inner, inner to outer,

they ward off the darkness, they are bringers of light

to this world — its dazzling confusions, its crystal certainties.

As we hopefully cross another threshold of this pandemic and of the academic year, we ‘open the curtains wide to the bright star of morning / after long night, between one breath and the next, / on a blackbird still praising the earth in her turning’.

Kind regards,


Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh

President, NUI Galway 

Student Experiences of Covid-19

Our MSc Marketing Practice class have bravely shared their experience of Covid-19 and offer advice to stay safe

Important Contacts

Contacting your Programme Coordinator or College/School Office

  • Query about how your programme (course) is being delivered this semester? You should email your programme coordinator directly (see details below)

  • General enquiries about student administration, attendance, leave of absence, etc.? Please email or phone your College, School or Discipline Office.


  Find an email address for your Programme Coordinator here

  • College Office - general enquiries to
  • Location: Room 1019 (Tuesdays & Thursdays) and Room 2041 (Wednesdays) in the Arts Millennium Building
  • College Office Hours: Tuesday - Thursday, 10.30am - 12.30pm & 2.30pm - 4pm (during COVID-19)

The College Office deals primarily with student academic matters. Students contact us if they find they are struggling with their studies seeking advice, are unable to attend lectures/tutorials due to medical/personal circumstances or if they require extensions on assignments.


  Find an email address for your Programme Director here: College of Business, Public Policy and Law Programme Director contacts, Oct 2020

  • College Office - undergraduate student enquiries should be directed at School Offices below. All other College enquiries - / (091) 492988
  • J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics Office - general enquiries to / (091) 492612
  • School of Law Office - general enquiries to / (091) 492389
  • Shannon College Office - general enquiries to / (091) 497205


  Find an email address for your Programme Coordinator here


  Find an email address for your Programme Director and Coordinator here: College of Science & Engineering Programme Coordinators, Oct 2020

Our College Staff are here to support your academic journey and learning experience, as well as your mental health and welfare needs, throughout the COVID-19 restrictions. We encourage a virtual-first approach. Where essential and in support of your needs, our office staff are available to meet with you on a one-to-one basis in-person on campus, by prior appointment.

  • College Office hours (during Level 5 restrictions): 10am-2pm, Mon-Fri.

See below a list of our contact details / email addresses.

College Office - for general enquiries, student attendance and leave of absence, contact Olive Mills at / (091) 492182; for undergraduate affairs, contact / (091) 493700 or / (091) 493026

Contacting Student Services and Supports

  • Remote services: You can contact most student services via email or phone at this time. See full list of contacts below.

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For updated information on the Academic Writing Centre click here


ACCESS CENTRE: remote service, contact via email / phone / MS Teams

Current registered full-time Mature Students:

HEAR / Access / FE Undergraduates

Please contact us with any concerns that you may have as we approach exam time.

Please be reassured that the access team are here to help where possible. Staff are still working remotely to ensure that students are assisted and supported where possible. We are not in a position to monitor voice messages and please be aware that staff have limited access to emails. We will respond to your query as soon as is possible. If you need to contact a member of staff urgently in the Access Centre, please email

Diploma in Foundation Studies Students SFD1 & SFD8

  • Details of virtual coffee mornings and contacts are available on your Announcements on Blackboard Collaborate.

Queries from Prospective Mature Students interested in Full-time Undergraduate Study:

  • Please email for a Zoom appointment or email for advice and information on applying for a full-time degree as a Mature Student. Mature Students Guide and Entrance assessment information at


ACCOMMODATION & WELFARE: remote service, contact via email / phone

  • The Accommodation and Welfare team assist you to find advice and support on accommodation and financial matters.
  • The staff will continue to support students remotely during normal working hours. To contact us in Accommodation and Welfare please click here.
  • We are available from Monday – Friday (10 am – 12.30 and 14.30 – 16.00)


CHAPLAINCY: remote service, contact via email / phone 

  • The Chaplaincy service offers pastoral care, welfare support and spiritual guidance to the students and staff of NUI Galway.
  • The Chaplaincy Service is available to support students and staff remotely during normal working hours and outside of working hours, when required. The Chaplaincy Office on 6 Distillery Road is closed at present. However, we are available to continue to meet students to deal with an urgent or emergency situation. We can be contacted as follows:

Fr Ben Hughes, Chaplain


T: 087 203 7538

Jimmy McGovern, Seas Suas Manager


T: 083 062 6898


CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTRE: remote service via email / phone / MS Teams

The Career Development Centre aims to provide a quality career guidance and information service focused on facilitating and empowering you to manage your own career development and make effective career transition.

Staff from the Career Development Centre are available to talk to students via email and phone, and appointments are available via MS Teams. We recommend you contact us as follows: 

  • If you are a student (not on placement) log a query on Careers Connect and one of the team will get back to you
  • If you are a student on placement email your query to and your Placement Officer will respond
  • For general queries email
  • Register on Careers Connect to keep up-to-date on events including career, skills, Employability Award and Employer events


COUNSELLING: remote service, set up appointment via email

  • You can consult with a member of the NUI Galway counselling service for any issue. We provide skilled listeners who have experience dealing with all the challenges students encounter
  • NUI Galway Student Counselling is continuing to operate, remotely online or by phone.
  • For enquiries or to set up an online/phone assessment please email:
  • If you are in crisis or at serious risk of self-harm contact the following supports:

    • Your own GP or local A&E Emergency Department 
    • University Hospital Galway Emergency Department: (091) 544544  
    • The Samaritans: 116 123   
    • Pieta House: 1800 247 247  
    • Text 'NUIG' to 50808 to access 24/7 crisis text support: More info here 


DISABILITY SUPPORT SERVICE: remote service via email and MS Teams

Contact the Disability Support Service and access disability related support remotely via email and MS Teams.

•  If you are a student who is already registered with the Disability Support Service, you can email your Disability Advisor (as detailed on your LENS report)

•  If you are a student who is already registered with the Disability Support Service, and you require assistive technology support, you can email your Assistive Technology Officer

•  If you are a student who wishes to register with the Disability Support Service, you can complete our online registration form

•  For all other disability support related queries, please email  Please note that there may be delays in responding to emails, as we are receiving a high volume of emails at present. However, we will do all that we can to keep such delays to a minimum.


FEES OFFICE: remote service via email

The Fees Office reception desk is closed due to COVID-19 protective measures and we are working remotely.

For Fee information see or to contact us please email, including your CAO / NUI Galway student ID number


INTERNATIONAL OFFICE: remote service via email/phone

The International Office reception is currently closed due to COVID-19 protective measures.

Please find email and telephone contacts on the International Office website


ISS - INFORMATION SOLUTIONS AND SERVICES: remote service via email / phone / online ticketing system

ISS continue to support students and staff via all the usual channels:



Library Opening Hours

SOCIETIES OFFICE & SOCSBOX: remote service via email / phone

SocsBox Virtual Help Desk Monday – Thursday, 2pm - 5pm & 6pm - 8pm at

All society activity on campus is suspended until Áras na Mac Léinn reopens. However, Societies are running virtual events. The SocsBox is contactable by email:

Áras na Mac Léinn rooms, The Hub and Hub Central are currently closed.


STUDENT HEALTH UNIT: full services continue to be provided; telephone and/or face-to-face consultation appointments via online booking, with initial phone triage

  • Students are no longer permitted to enter the Student Health Unit without first contacting to arrange a prior appointment.
  • New patients must first register online here
  • Appointment requests can be completed online here
  • If you are experiencing symptoms or have a query relating to COVID-19, please read our COVID advice here
  • Repeat prescriptions can be requested online here
  • For any URGENT medical issues or concerns during daytime hours, please phone 091-492604 to speak directly to a member of reception staff
  • Services are provided from 9.15am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday ONLY. For any Urgent/Emergency issues Out-of-Hours (OOH), please phone 091-492604 for details of out-of-hours arrangements.


STUDENT REGISTRY HELPDESK: remote service via email / phone

We are working remotely to assist students with Registration statements, Stamping of Forms, Address updates etc.

  • Student Registration Hotline: Contact us for all your registration queries at +353 91 493 999.
  • Email queries: Please email
  • Getting Forms Stamped: The stamping of forms is organised electronically. Please see how to submit forms for stamping here.

Virtual Events

Free Live Streaming Fitness Classes with Kingfisher: 

Kingfisher NUI Galway is offering all students and staff free access to all their Live Streaming Classes. They offer a wide range of classes from BodyAttack, HIIT Cardio, HIIT Strength and BodyBalance. Their classes are aimed at all levels of fitness and require no equipment. Take part in their wide range of live classes from the comfort of your own home by downloading the free Kingfisher app now from the Google Playstore or iTunes.

Check out all upcoming Virtual Events here