Our PhD programme

The School of Law and its research centres – the Irish Centre for Human Rights and the Centre for Disability Law and Policy – admitted 12 students to the PhD programme in 2013-14, bringing the number of PhD students in the School to over 60.  A number of PhD students also completed their PhD research in 2013-14.  Fiona Morrissey was one such person.  Fiona, whose research into the use of advanced directives in mental health law attracted particular praise at the PhD viva, graduated in June.  

The School of Law now fully participates in the University’s structured PhD programme.  The structured PhD programme enables students to enhance their research by undertaking, and getting credit for, a programme of education, training, research, personal and professional development activities.  There are a large number of University-wide modules that PhD students can take as part of the structured programme and this year the School of Law has added three law-specific modules to the suite: ‘Law Research Skills 1- Preparation, Presentation & Discussion’; ‘Law Research Skills 2- Engaging in Scholarship and Debate’; and ‘Legal Opinion or Advice’, in which students can obtain credit for providing legal opinion or advice to an international organisation, NGO or court.  Furthermore, the School has plans to develop a Law Methodology module in 2014-15.  

The School of Law will hold its induction day for new PhD students on 1st September 2014.  Anyone interested in pursuing PhD research in the School of Law should contact a staff member with appropriate expertise in the proposed area of research, or the Director of the PhD programme, Dr. Ciara Smyth.

PhD Students in the School of Law

Student NameAreaSupervisor
 Halloran, Ms. Deirdre Law Dr. Padraic Kenna
 Kelly, Ms. Tatiana Law Dr. Diarmuid Griffin
 Lynch-Shally, Ms. Karen Law Dr. Padraic Kenna
 McCallig, Mr. Damien Law Ms. Marie McGonagle
 Mc Donagh, Mr. Thomas Law Dr. Mary Keys
 Moloney, Ms. Catríona Law Dr. Mary Keys
 Murphy, Ms. Sandra Law Dr. Padraic Kenna
 O Maolchraoibhe, Mr. Ian Law Ms. Maureen O'Sullivan
 O'Flanagan, Mr. Michael Law Ms. Marie McGonagle
 O'Flynn, Ms. Stephanie Law Ms. Maureen O'Sullivan
 O'Halloran, Ms. Deirdre Law Dr. Padraic Kenna
 O'Sullivan, Mr. Patrick Law Prof. Ronán Long
 Peter-Onyejekwe, Mr. Mackson Law Prof. Ronán Long
 Portuondo, Ms. Maria Cristina Law Dr. Ciara Smyth
 Rodriguez Chavez, Ms. Mariamalia Law Prof. Ronán Long
 Silva, Ms. Maria Law Dr. Conor Hanly
 Walker, Ms. Sharon Law Dr. Conor Hanly