Postgraduate Student Profiles


  Name Research Topic & Funding Supervisor(s)
‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌ Sophia Arndt Cognition in Two Languages: Bilingualism and Second Language Competency as Determinants of Cognitive Performance Dr Mark Elliott
Elaine Byrnes
The role of Social Norms and the Communication of Consent to Sexual Activity in the Hooking Up Sexual Script when mediated by Gender and Alcohol in an Emerging Adulthood Population
Sinead Bracken Sinead Bracken
Physical Activity for Successful Ageing.  The role of physical activity in maintaining subjective wellbeing, the hallmark of successful ageing, from early midlife.
Dr Gerry Molloy & Professor Molly Byrne
 Davide Cannata Davide Cannata   
Decision making in job interviews: Understanding and replicating interviewers' use of non-verbal and para-verbal clues
Dr Denis O'Hora
Sarah Carthy Sarah Carthy 
Countering online youth radicalisation: Developing evidence-based counter-narratives and inoculation techniques
Dr Kiran Sarma
 Emer Conneely Emer Conneely Improving youth participation in mental health service development & delivery Dr Padraig MacNeela & Dr Caroline Heary
 Colm Doody Colm Doody
Developing a pre-deployment resilience building programme for Irish Defence Forces personnel prior to serving on UN peacekeeping and humanitarian missions
Dr Kiran Sarma
Rossella Di Domenico Rossella Di Domenico   
The role of Behaviour Change in Hydrology and Climate change responses: identifying behaviour sources to encourage sustainable agriculture and improve water quality
Dr Denis O'Hora, Dr Jenny McSharry, Professor Cathal O'Donoghue, Dr Mary Ryan (Teagasc)
Louise Foley Louise Foley
Multimorbidity, treatment burden and medication adherence: prevalence, predictors and intervention approaches - funded by a Health Research Board Collaborative Doctoral Award
Dr Gerry Molloy & Professor Andrew Murphy
Emma Frawley Emma Frawley
Cognitive Remediation & Social Recovery in Early Psychosis, the CReSt-R study - funded by the Health Research Board as part of the YOULEAD Doctoral Program in Youth Mental Health Leadership
Professor Gary Donohue
Avril Hand Avril Hand
Choosing while losing: Investigating the effects of valence and relative magnitude on decision making dynamics Dr Denis O'Hora
Marita Hennessy Marita Hennessy Obesity prevention during early life: Establishing the evidence base to maximise the effectiveness of interventions delivered by health professionals Dr Caroline Heary, Dr Molly Byrne & Dr Rachel Laws (Deakin University)
Jennifer Keane Attention, Distraction and the Effective Control of Paediatric Procedural Pain and Distress Dr Jane Walsh & Dr Caroline Heary
Dearbhaile Mahon Dearbhaile Mahon
Evaluation of staff training methodologies to increase implementation of behavioural interventions for individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Funded by the Galway Doctoral Scholarship Scheme
Dr Helena Lydon, co-supervisor: Dr Jennifer Holloway
Fiona Martyn Fiona Martyn
The effect of moderate alcohol use on human brain structure and function and the differential effects in bipolar disorder   
Professor Gary Donohoe
Josh Moran
An investigation into the role of perceived injustice in adjusting to chronic pain
Dr Brian McGuire
Jane Murphy Jane Murphy  
Evaluating the role of digital health interventions to support adherence to inhaled corticosteroids in young adults living with asthma (15-30 years) - Funded by the Galway Doctoral Scholarship/Irish Research Council, Government of Ireland Scholarship
Dr Gerry Molloy & Dr Jenny McSharry
Éamonn Ó Dochartaigh
Development and evaluation of an online cognitive-behavioural treatment programme for social anxiety: A mixed-methods study - NUI Galway Student Project Fund and NUI Galway Further Education Policy scheme
Dr Brian McGuire
 Grace O'Sullivan Grace O'Sullivan    The influence of social context on 'everyday' pain experiences (eg. bumps and scrapes): investigating the psychological and neurobiological components of social aspects of pain Professor Brian McGuire, Dr Michelle Roche (Physiology), Dr Line Caes (University of Stirling)
 Cressida Pacia Cressida Pacia    Exploring the impact of a family-mediated social communication intervention for children with autism  Dr Jennifer Holloway
 Karolina Rokita Karolina Rokita       Childhood trauma and social cognition in schizophrenia - Hardiman Scholarship Professor Gary Donohoe
  Kristin Ruane The role of parent-child interactions on the development of verbal behaviour and the impact that technology has on these interactions Dr Jennifer Holloway & Dr Denis O'Hora
  Christie Tetreault   
Resilience and Susceptibiliy: A Pre-emptive Approach to Extremism - Hardiman Scholarship
Dr Kiran Sarma
Eric Van Lente Eric Van Lente
Exploring temporary and persistent changes in oneness self-representations ('non dual awareness') as mechanisms of mindfulness
Dr Michael Hogan
Luke Van Rhoon Luke Van Rhoon   
Building the evidence base for the development and implementation of an Irish national digital type 2 diabetes prevention programme
Professor Molly Byrne & Dr Jenny McSharry
Nikolett Warner Nikolett Warner
The Psychological impact of being tested for the breast cancer (BRCA 1/2) gene
Dr AnnMarie Groarke
Hazel Wolstenholme
Family experiences and management of childhood picky eating behaviours
Dr Caroline Heary & Dr Colette Kelly (Health Promotion)