Postgraduate Student Profiles

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  Name Research Topic & Funding Supervisor(s)
‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌ Sophia Arndt Cognition in Two Languages: Bilingualism and Second Language Competency as Determinants of Cognitive Performance Dr. Mark Elliott
Meghan Brahm An investigation into maternal metabolic conditions as risk factors for the development of autism spectrum disorder in offspring and the impact on developmental outcomes. Dr. Geraldine Leader
Elaine Byrnes
Mixed Methods Exploration of the Intersection of Alcohol Use, Consent to Sexual Activity and Gender in Emerging Adulthood
Dr. Padraig MacNeela
Emma Carr
Promoting early presentation of breast cancer symptoms: Development of an evidenced based mHealth intervention - Funded by Hardiman Research Scholarship
Dr. AnnMarie Groarke & Dr. Jane Walsh
Sarah Carthy
Countering online youth radicalisation: Developing evidence-based counter-narratives and inoculation techniques
Dr. Kiran Sarma
Liam Coleman
Cognitive Load and Working Memory Capacity Within and Between Modality
Dr. Mark Elliott
Thomas Conway Sharing difficulty, searching for identity, and facing the future together - Applying participatory methods to give young Irish males a voice in times of economic uncertainty Dr. Padraig MacNeela
Teresa Corbett Development of an online intervention for fatigue in post-treatment cancer survivors - funded by a Cancer Care West Hardiman Scholarship Dr. Jane Walsh, Dr. Brian McGuire, Dr. AnnMarie Groarke
Donna Cosgrove
Neurocognitive Effects of Risk Variants for Psychosis: Neuropsychological & Neuroimaging Studies of Variants and Pathways.
Prof. Gary Donohoe
Siobhán Daly Having separated and mixed orientated parents: child and parental experiential reflections. Dr. Kiran Sarma
Kate Dawson Developing an attitudinal change intervention for adolescent pornography use Dr. Pádraig Mac Neela
  Naomi du Bois
Investigating the temporal and phase relationships of the oscillatory mechanisms involved in auditory binding  - with funding by the Irish Research Council
Dr. Mark Elliott
Hannah Durand
Medication adherence for resistant hypertension: Extent, causes and consequences - Funded by a Health Research Board Patient-Oriented Research Award 
Dr. Gerry Molloy (Co-supervisor Prof. Andrew Murphy) 
Caragh Flannery
‘Exploring the feasibility and potential effectiveness of a technology supported behaviour change intervention for physical activity during pregnancy’ - Funded by the Health Research Board as part of the SPHeRE Programme (Structured Population and Health-services Research Education)
Dr. Molly Byrne
Milou Fredrix
Exploring the implementation and effectiveness of goal setting techniques in diabetes self-management interventions - Funded by the Health Research Board as part of Dr Byrne's HRB Research Leaders Award
Dr. Molly Byrne and Dr. Jenny McSharry
Santiago Garcia-Guerrero
The Price of Fear: Developing a behavioural assessment of fear-related avoidance
incorporating dynamic response measures - Funded by Hardiman Scholarship
Dr. Denis O'Hora
  Mark Glennon   Dr. Mark Elliott (Co-Supervisor Colm McDonald, Paul Sauseng, Munich)
Jenny Groarke The Adaptive Functions of Music Listening: Structure, Correlates and Consequences - funded by The Irish Research Council, Government of Ireland Scholarship Dr Michael Hogan
Ciara Gunning An exploration of the impact of peer, teacher and child interventions to improve social inclusion of children with additional needs within preschool services - Funded by the Irish Research Council, Government of Ireland Scholarship Dr. Jennifer Holloway
Avril Hand Actions speak louder than words: Investigating decision making using action dynamics Dr Denis O'Hora
Owen Harney 'Systems thinking and systems science education: The design and evaluation of a new systems science educational tool' - with funding from the Galway Doctoral Research Scholarship Dr Michael Hogan
Jennifer Hayes Assessing and training affirmation and disconfirmation of relations as a generalized relational repertoire in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Dr. Ian Stewart
Marita Hennessy The development of a complex intervention prevent childhood obesity in infants (title TBC) - Funded by the Health Research Board as part of the SPHeRE Programme (Structured Population and Health-services Research Education)  Dr. Caroline Heary & Dr. Molly Byrne
Jessica Holland Social Cognition in schizophrenia: Effects of Genetic and Environmental risk factors related to Immune Function - with funding by the Galway Doctoral Scholarship Scheme Prof. Gary Donohoe
Steve Holmes   Dr. Ian Stewart
Siobhán Kavanagh   Dr. Padraig MacNeela
Jennifer Keane Attention, Distraction and the Effective Control of Paediatric Procedural Pain and Distress Dr. Jane Walsh & Dr. Caroline Heary
Aoife Kervick
Using mobile phone applications as 'in-vehicle technology' to monitor driving behaviour (RISK:MONITOR) - funded by a bursary awarded by the Irish Road Safety Authority
Dr. Kiran Sarma
Arlene Mannion
Comorbidity in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder - funded by a NUI Galway Hardiman Scholarship
Dr. Geraldine Leader
Anna McCoy An investigation into the generalized social outcomes of evidenced based social skills programmes for children and adolescents with Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism. Dr. Jennifer Holloway
  Shane McLoughlin Extending the Relational Frame Theory Exploration of Relations Between Relations Dr. Ian Stewart
Siri Ming Conversational Generativity in the Language Development of Children with Autism Dr. Ian Stewart
Josh Moran
An investigation into the role of perceived injustice in adjusting to chronic pain
Dr. Brian McGuire
Eimear Morrissey
Can mHealth interventions enhance adherence to medication and physical activity guidelines in a hypertensive population? - Funded by the Irish Research Council, Government of Ireland Scholarship
Dr. Gerry Molloy & Dr. Jane Walsh
Teresa Mulhern Testing and Developing Procedures for Assessing and Training Hierarchical Classification Skills in Young Children Using Relational Frame Theory  Dr. Ian Stewart
Ruaidhri Mulveen   Dr. Jane Walsh (Co-Supervisor Brian McGuire)
  Amanda Nally Investigating Reading Abilities and Behaviour-Based Reading curricula in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Dr. Jennifer Holloway (Co-Supervisors Dr. Helena Lydon and Dr. Olive Healy, TCD)
Chris Noone
An analysis of the effects of mindfulness on executive function and critical thinking - funded by a Galway Doctoral Research Scholarship from the College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies, NUI Galway
Dr. Micheal Hogan
Michelle O'Brien   Dr. Jennifer Holloway (Co-Supervisor Olive Healy)
Éamonn Ó Dochartaigh
Development and evaluation of an online cognitive-behavioural treatment programme for social anxiety: A mixed-methods study - NUI Galway Student Project Fund and NUI Galway Further Education Policy scheme
Dr. Brian McGuire
  Kristin Ruane The role of parent-child interactions on the development of verbal behaviour and the impact that technology has on these interactions Dr. Jennifer Holloway & Dr. Denis O'Hora
Sophia Saetes How does JIA affect family functioning? A closer look at the resiliency mechanism and resource processes that promote better coping and adaptation in families of children with chronic pain and how they are instrumental in improving their quality of life. Dr. Line Caes & Dr. Brian McGuire
Amanda Sesker Conscientiousness and Cardiovascular Reactivity to Recurrent Acute Stress Prof. Brian Hughes & Dr. Siobhán Howard
Charlotte Silke   Dr. Caroline Heary (Co-Supervisor Lorraine Swords)
Corinna Stewart
Examining paranoia in the general population from a Contextual Behavioural Science (CBS) perspective: New insights from Relational Frame Theory (RFT) and the Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure (IRAP)
Dr. Ian Stewart
Angeline Traynor
Development and Evaluation of an Online Version of the Feeling Better Pain Management Programme for Children: Feasibility and Clinical Effectiveness - funded by a Hardiman Research Scholarship
Dr. Brian McGuire (Co-Supervisor Jonathan Egan)
Deirdre Walsh Post Traumatic Growth in Cancer: An examination of the ’reconnection with the physical self’ in patients with prostate cancer - Funding by a Galway Doctoral Research Scholarship from College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies, National University of Ireland, Galway. Dr. AnnMarie Groarke
Edith Walsh
Employment and Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Evaluation of the Effects of Technology on Teaching and Improving the Social Communication and Self-Management skills necessary for Workplace Inclusion  -with funding from Ability West and Health Service Executive.
Dr. Jennifer Holloway
Hazel Wolstenholme
Investigating Perceptions of Picky Eating, Family Processes, and Attitudes towards Action: Integrating Child, Parent and Professional Perspectives
Dr. Caroline Heary & Dr. Colette Kelly (Health Promotion)