Fire Safety Information

This page is jointly maintained by NUI Galway Buildings & Estates and Health and Safety Office.

The safety of all personnel in the event of Fire or other emergencies is NUI Galway’s highest priority. The NUI Galway Fire Emergency Procedures are designed to ensure that all building occupants evacuate quickly and safely and have the following elements:

  • The NUI Galway Fire Safety Instructions (blue posters) Leagan Gaeilge are displayed in public areas of NUI Galway.  
  • All University Units have appointed Fire Marshals for the areas they occupy.  Units must have an appropriate Local Fire Plan.  Both must be documented in the Unit’s Safety Statement Policy (Part 7 (b)).
  • All staff must attend Fire Safety Training (every 3 years).  Staff who have been appointed as the Unit Fire Marshals also need to attend the Fire Marshals Briefing. See Safety Training Courses for course details. The Unit Fire Marshals are to be listed on the Unit’s ‌Safety Contact Posters.
  • Units to include fire safety in the early induction of new staff and other starters. 
  • Buildings & Estates organize the central programme of Fire Drills.  After each fire drill the Unit Head organises the review of the drill (using the Unit Fire Drill Review).   Where a Unit or particular building has not had a fire drill in the previous 6 months they should formally request one through the Buildings & Estates pemac help desk.
  • The annual list of completed fire drills are maintained on this website.
  • At the start of each academic year all lecturing/teaching staff are reminded of their responsibilities as the “Person in Control” of their class.  Accordingly, they need to make the necessary arrangements to brief students on fire safety and evacuation at the first lectures and be prepared to oversee their safe evacuation.
  •  Fire Prevention Responsibilities - Buildings & Estates:- design, means of escape + signs, lighting, fire-fighting equipment; Units:- risk assessments, local checks and report issues to Buildings & Estates.