Our corporate identity communicates and embodies all the attributes that characterise the unique personality and positioning of NUI Galway. Our identity is an investment in our future and, like any investment, it requires careful management to protect it and to allow it to grow in value.

In this section you will find logos as well as information on their use and University colour schemes. If you have any further queries about the NUI Galway brand and its implementation, or if you require any additional brand resources please contact Bríd Seoige, Senior Marketing and Brand Officer at our Marketing & Communications Office: brid.seoige@nuigalway.ie  / +353 91 494 144


NUI Galway brand marks and the NUI Galway crest

Use the NUI Galway brand mark on student prospectus, promotional literature, website, stationery, PowerPoint presentations, display stands, advertisements, campus signage, merchandise, research papers, corporate and annual reports & publications, and other applications, as appropriate. The black and white brand mark should only be used on black and white footage.

Use the NUI Galway crest on degrees and other parchments, ceremonial applications, formal university documents, formal regalia, formal personal invitations, formal recognition gifts, items for the President’s Office and other applications, as appropriate.

Please note: This is the correct version of the NUI Galway logo (OÉ Gaillimh must be on top) ‌‌

Branding Resources