Podiatrist (Rheumatology)


I graduated with a 1.1 BSc. (Hons) Podiatric Medicine degree from NUI Galway in 2015. Since then I was easily able to find employment in private practices in Dublin to further my podiatric skills in diagnosis and treatment. Since 2017, I have been working with the podiatry service in Homerton NHS Foundation Trust in London, specialising in rheumatology podiatry. This has allowed me to further my skills and develop clinics for people who suffer with a range of rheumatic conditions and been able to shadow and train in diagnostic ultrasound and injection therapy. I am also in my final year of an MSc in Rheumatology, which has helped my knowledge in podiatric rheumatology grow and enhance the care and support I give to my patients. Alongside this, I am also involved in our podiatry team vascular service development; which involves the discussion and development a range of protocols and guidelines for people with or suspected peripheral vascular disease, along with stakeholders in these areas.

Currently I am in the process of completing my MSc thesis and also have been given the chance to speak at some local and national podiatry meetings and conferences on the role of podiatry in rheumatology and best practice.