About the Lab


The objective of the NUI Galway Policy Lab is to develop and utilise methodologies for modelling the impact of policy and policy change.

In particular, the Lab aims to

  • Promote synergies in research and model development
  • Increase the use and applicability of the modelling infrastructure developed
  • Undertake analyses to support the development of better policy
  • Partner in funding applications

The Lab links researchers and PhD students in 4 Institutions

It holds a weekly brown bag research seminar to facilitate interaction between members of the Lab. The seminar is streamed on Skype as PhD students are based globally.

Membership is open to all those with an interest in policy modelling and implementation.


The primary methodologies used by the lab are

  1. Microsimulation Modelling
  2. Biological Systems Modelling
  3. Input-Output Modelling
  4. Geographical Information Systems and Spatial Modelling


2019 World Congress of the International Microsimulation Association, Galway

2015 European Association of Agricultural Economists Seminar on Spatial Modelling, Edinburgh

2014 European Meeting of the International Microsimulation Association, Maastricht

2012 European Meeting of the International Microsimulation Association, Dublin