Welcome to the Registration Office

We are here to assist students with their online Course and Module Registration.

Online registration consists of accepting the terms and conditions of the University;  Reviewing your personal details;  Paying fees (direct all Fees queries to Fees Office); Confirming registration; Selecting your modules & uploading a photo for your first issue of your student card.

For new students we can only assist you, if you have been officially offered and accepted your chosen programme via the Admissions Office 
Please see links below for further information with regards to your Registration.

All students at NUI Galway must re-register each year of their programme to become students of the University - this is obligatory.

It is the students responsibility to ensure that registration details are correct.

**For Exam Transcripts; Form stamping; Letters/Statements; Proof of registration, - email askregistry@nuigalway.ie 


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  • Registration Terminology

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