Leadership Programme

About Leadership

Across a range of programmes NUI Galway students have opportunities to develop leadership skills and enhance their personal development with communities of fellow students.

About LIFT

LIFT is an 8 week programme, about 30-40 minutes a week students engage in a small group roundtable online and complete an 8 part leadership development programme:

  1. Listening​
  2. Honesty and Integrity​
  3. Respect​
  4. Positive Attitude​
  5. Competence​
  6. Dedication and Determination​
  7. Accountability​
  8. Empathy and Understanding

Link to Sign Up

Click here on this form to sign up to a LIFT group for Semester Two. 

LIFT Contact

Email ‌LIFT@nuigalway.ie for further information. 

LiFT Facilitator Role

Congratulations to the 200 NUI Galway Student Facilitators now trained in the LIFT Method!

Role of a LiFT Student Facilitator

As a facilitator students are trained in the LiFT programme, through a 4 hour training session. Facilitators then lead their own roundtable group for 8 weeks as volunteers and contribute to reflection and development of LiFT at NUI Galway.

Students benefit from being trained as a LiFT Facilitator in many ways:

  • Completion of the Facilitation training will earn you the LiFT Facilitation Certificate in recognition. 
  • Completion of the 8 week programme you will earn the LiFT Participant Certificate in recognition.

Why be a LiFT Facilitator?

  • You get to focus on your leadership & facilitation skills and develop them over 8 weeks.
  • You will have a practical way to practice leadership in a virtual world!
  • You get to meet new people that are also interested in building their leadership skills.
  • You will be exposed to new experiences, opportunities and fresh ideas.
  • Students embody the 8 areas of leadership furthering community values and impacting society. 
  • You can add this as evidence of improving your leadership skills on your CV.
  • A wide range of personal and professional benefits. 

How to be a LiFT Facilitator?

The brilliant aspect of LiFT is that being a facilitator is really well supported! The programme comes with a workbook with step-by-step instructions and the entire programme is scripted. This means that your role as Facilitator is a great opportunity to build practice and confidence in facilitating a group, in a safe, structured and guided way. You do not need to come up with group content, or manage a group - instead you get to focus on the experience. 

So if you are thinking "I am not sure I can do it" we know you can - we believe in you. The programme is powerful and uses plain and simple approaches and languages to be accessible to all.