Money guidance

Going to college is an exciting time whether you are staying at home or moving away but it can be tough financially if you don’t have a regular income and you are on a tight budget.  With so many new costs and financial products to consider it can be hard to manage your cash. - See more at:

To help you manage your money draw up your personal budget at:

The Accommodation & Welfare Office, 1st Floor, Aras Ui Chathail can advise you on budgeting, managing your money and sources of income available to students, e.g., SUSI.

All students considering applying to the Financial Aid Fund should read the Guidelines (Guidelines at appendix 1) to find information on who is eligible to apply, how to apply and important information about the application process.   All students must be fully registered which includes payment of the student levy of €224 to be deemed eligible to apply for financial aid or fee consideration.  There is no financial support provided for the student levy of 224. This must be paid in full by the student prior to applying for consideration.  The application form is available at: