Scholarships at NUI Galway

NUI Galway is keen to reward high achieving undergraduate students by providing opportunities to apply for a number of prestigious scholarships. Our vision for these scholarship recipients is that while they continue to excel academically,  they will become also beacons of motivation for their fellow students and ‘Changemakers’ within their own, families, communities, the University as a whole and indeed globally.

Excellence Scholarships

As part of NUI Galway’s commitment to rewarding achievement and supporting ambition, a new scholarship programme, NUI Galway Excellence Scholarship, will be offered to 2021/2022 students. 

Awardees of the scholarship will receive €1,500 in recognition of their academic success and will be invited to join a high achiever development programme supported by the scholarship to grow their leadership capacity and to develop the skills they need to excel in their field of study. 

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Sport Scholarships

NUI Galway supports high performing athletes in a wide range of sports through its Sports Scholarship program. Details and application forms are available from the NUI Galway Sports Office.


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