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Classics is the study of the origins of Europe. We explore Greek and Roman culture and its influence from ancient times to the present.

Classics is distinctive in three ways:

  • The long perspective: We study human culture and creativity over millennia, extending from the third millennium BC down to the present day.
  • Geographical breadth: Our focus ranges from north-western Europe to the boundaries of India, including all of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
  • Multi-disciplinary: Classics involves learning to interpret the world using many different perspectives, including literature, mythology, theatre, art, architecture, archaeology, political and cultural history, languages and linguistics.

Classics at NUI Galway is unique for its special expertise in the influence of the ancient world on the development of Irish culture.

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We are located in Tower 2 of the main Arts & Sciences Building. Use the lift near the Bank of Ireland and find us on the top floor.

For general queries, contact our administrator, Margaret Logan (mornings only): 
Tel. 091 495448 or ext. 5448

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