How and when to pay fees

To pay online

To pay your fees online click here.


Exam Fee 2013/14:

The exam fee liability €195 will be applied to student records in mid/late July 2014.  You can pay the exam fee of €195 NOW by going to

  • Click on pay your fees – Access to online system
  • Key in your Username (which is your student ID number)
  • Key in your CASS account Password
  • Click on sign in
  • Click on pay fees
  • The Amount Due may show as 0 (if you have no outstanding fees)
  • Click on Payment “Pay” icon
  • Go to the Online Payment section and key in your debit / credit cards via our secure link
  • Key in Amount to pay (€) as €195
  • Click on Pay Now



Pay using a bank giro

Students with Irish bank accounts can request an official Fees Office bank giro.  Log into your student portal using your student ID number and pin and click on (1) pay fees and then (2) giro request "go".  A bank giro will be forwarded to your home address within five working days.

If you don't use our official NUI Galway Fees Office bank giro your payment may remain unidentified and may not be matched to your student record.  Late fines are applied to unpaid student fees.

Do not use Banking 365 or Banking Online as these payments WILL NOT match directly to your student record and you may incur late payment penalties.


International students

Please note that any payment into our Fees Bank account should be accompanied by a PAC or NUI Galway Student ID number.  Failure to use this ID number will result in the payment not being matched to your student record.

International fee payments can be made as follows:

1.  Payment via recognised agent ’EduStep’ (PaytoStudy)
Non-European Union (EU) students are strongly advised to pay their tuition fee through the PaytoStudy.

The PaytoStudy receipt is accepted as proof of payment of tuition fees by the Irish National Immigration Service (INIS) for study visa applications and at the point of entry to Ireland.

With PaytoStudy there is no international bank transfer fee and the entire transaction takes just 48 hours from start to finish. PaytoStudy is also recommended by the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service for the purposes of study visa applications.

2.  International Wire Transfer 
Alternatively, you may pay by international wire transfer, using the following  bank account details:

Bank of Ireland
43 Eyre Square   
Account Name:  National University of Ireland, Galway
Account Number: 28454143
IBAN: IE43 BOFI 9038 1628 4541 43
Sort Code: 90-38-16  
Swift Code: BofIIE2D

If you use the international wire transfer method it may take up to 9 working days to have this amount credited to your student record and there is a bank charge which is borne by the student.


When are fees due?

EU Students are advised to pay their fees in full while registering online in order to avoid late payment penalties.

However, if you wish to "pay later", 50% of the fees must be paid by 31/10/2014 and remaining 50% must be paid by 31/01/2015.  The student levy of €224 must be paid in full by 31/10/2014.  The student levy of €224 is payable by each student and is not paid by a SUSI grant or County Council / VEC grant.   If the student levy of €224 remains unpaid after 31/10/2014 a late payment penality of €200 will be applied.  If it still remains unpaid after 31/01/2015 another late payment penalty of €200 will be applied.  Students are strongly recommended to pay this at registration time to avoide these late payment penalties. 

International / NON EU fees are payable in full prior to registration for year 1.  In subsequent years these fees can be paid in two equal instalments - 50% on registration and 50% by 31st January.  Students availing of US Federal Aid can pay their fees in two equal instalments.

A late payment penalty of €200 applies in cases where fees payable by the student are paid after 31/10/2014.  A second late payment penalty of €200 is applied after 31/01/2015 if fees still remain unpaid.

A late registration penalty of €200 is applied to all students who should have registered by the end of September 2014 and who fail to do so.  This penalty must be paid before registration can be progressed.

The late payment penalty and late registration penalty are cumulative.

Sanctions for late payments:

Where student fees and / or student levy payments are not made (and where proof of SUSI [Student Universal Support Ireland]; local authority; VEC; and / or other funder is not provided within the timelines outlined, the following sanctions will be applied:

(a) 30/10/2014 - late payment fine of €200
(b) 31/01/2015 - additional late payment fine of €200
(c) Exam results withheld
(d) Progress to the subsequent year of study is witheld
(e) Graduation withheld 
(f) Legal action for recovery of long outstanding fees


I am unhappy with my course choice - what should I do?


I am unhappy with my undergraduate course at NUI Galway what are the fee implications if I re-apply to the CAO for another college place in September 2015? 
If you cancel officially with our Student Infomation Desk before 30/09/14 there is no fee impact. 


If you cancel officially with our Student Information Desk after 30/09/14 but before 31/01/15 you will be liable for 50% tuition fees plus 100% of the other charges (i.e. student levy of €224* + student contribution charge of €2,750**) if you return to 3rd level studies in September 2015.

If you cancel officially with our Student Contact Centre after 01/02/15 you will be liable for 100% tuition fees plus 100% charges if you return to 3rd level studies in September 2015.

* & **current charges - these will increase in September 2015.


How can I transfer to another full-time undergraduate programme within NUI Galway?

Please see details here or alternatively contact our Admissions Office directly.


How Much?

Contact fees

The Fees Office is located on the ground floor of Áras Uí Chathail.  This is located beside Áras na Mac Léinn

Opening hours are as follows:
*   Monday 10:00-12:30 hrs & 14:00 - 16:00 hrs
*   Tuesday 10:00-12:30 hrs & 14:00 - 16:00 hrs
*   Wednesday 10:00-12:30 hrs & 14:00 - 16:00 hrs
*   Thursday  10:00-12:30 hrs & 14:00 - 16:00 hrs
*   Friday 10:00-12:30 hrs & 14:00 - 16:00 hrs

Email:  Fees;
Phone: 091-492386; 
Fax:  091-495553