Existing students

  1.  Go to any Internet browser on your home device.
  2. Click here for the Student Records System
  3. Off-Campus

    When prompted, enter your Campus Account (Office 365) credentials (e.g.  a.bloggs1@nuigalway.ie & Campus Account password)

    Your O365 account uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and you will be prompted to verify via text, authenticator app, or call me

    On-Campus PC Suites

    You will be brought to the Student Records System login screen.

  4. At the Student Records System enter your Username, student ID number (e.g. 21123456) and your Campus Account password.

Help & Support

Forgotten your Campus Account password

To reset your Campus Account password you can contact the Library & IT Service desk

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor Authentication (MAF) information is available online.

To reset your  Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) you can contact the Library & IT Service desk