NUI Galway is fully committed to achieving equality of opportunity for all staff, irrespective of their gender.

We have made strides in recent years and we recognise that we are still at an early stage in this important journey to gender equality. We all, as members of our university community, have a responsibility in this regard. We encourage our colleagues and students to find out more about how NUI Galway is working toward gender equality and how you can support your community in embracing this positive change.

Work on implementing the gender equality action plan within the University is underway, and will continue to be fully supported by the President and UMT as part of our determination to embrace diversity as a hallmark of our university community. Further information on the University's committment to Athena SWAN as well as other important information and initiatives can be found below.


Further Information

T‌o find out more about the ongoing work in gender equality at NUI Galway please contact the Office of the Vice President for Equality and Diversity at

Staff may also be interested in learning more and joining the University Women's Network.

Students looking for support or information can contact their Students' Union Officer.