Response from the School of Education to the ISSE survey

 The School of Education intends to ensure that the positive elements of the programs outlined are maintained. Specifically we are pleased to see that the strong student support culture has been noted and we will ensure that the availability of staff and the openness with which students are supported within the School of Education continues. We also note the high level of satisfaction generally with our programmes  and the positive elements that  have been identified in the student comments.

 There are specific areas where we will address issues highlighted by the students.

1. The issue of timely feedback has been identified in a number of student comments.

This has been noted and we will make explicit reference to appropriate response times to student assignment in handbooks and all assessments related material and ensure that these timelines are practised by all members of staff. The head of school will follow up on this with staff and students.

2.We are reconceptualising PME and MGO year two for the purposes of ensuring that many issues raised by the students are addressed. We intend to introduce a lot more seminars that focus directly on issues related to classroom practice in a way that links theory and practice much more explicitly. This will address issues related to more group work, additional inputs with respect to methodologies and additional inputs with respect to teaching students with special educational needs and the area inclusive education more broadly.

3. We have requested that lecturers specifically explicate the broader more learning outcomes that are addressed in lecture content.