World Health Organization Collaborative Cross-National Study

The Food Environment Group is interested in exploring children’s food environments and their perception and use of these environments. 

School food environments are important determinants of health and nutrition among young people. Food available within and in close proximity to schools can impact on dietary choices, particularly among post-primary school students who can leave school at lunch time. Accurate and reliable measurements of school food environments and capturing children’s use of food retail outlets, is essential in order to quantify the impact of these environments on young people’s diet, nutritional and anthropometric status. 

To date, the Food Environment Group has explored the internal and external school food environment.  Using a Geographic Information System (GIS), 63 post-primary schools that took part in the 2010 HBSC survey and all food premises within 1 km of these schools have been geocoded.  Food premises were categorised based on type of food sold and data on the internal school food environment were collected using questionnaires.  This  work can contribute to the debate on the location of food businesses around schools and the need for school food standards  (Callaghan et al., 2015).

Data on the perception and use of food retailers close to schools has also been collected from post-primary students, using qualitative approaches. Results from the analysis of this data will be posted in due course. 


What is a GIS? GIS Map for food environment page

A  Geographic Information System (GIS) is a powerful automated system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage, and present all types of geographic data.  GIS combines software, hardware and data in a single system which allows users to explore spatial relationships and trends within their data and adds a different dimension to data exploration and analysis.  GIS technologies have advanced dramatically in recent years making it applicable to a wider range of disciplines.  The advent of mapping products such as Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and GPS navigation technologies have contributed to the rise in popularity of GIS use in society.  



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