Where and when can I collect petty cash?

Petty Cash may be obtained from the Financial Accounting Office reception desk in the quadrangle daily between the hours of 11:30am and 12:30pm and 2.30pm and 4pm only.

Which form do I need to collect petty cash?

To claim petty cash, you must print off and complete the Petty Cash Release Form‌ ensuring that it is signed by the budget holder or an authorised nominee.

By signing the petty cash release form you certify adherence to the Petty Cash Policy (see section 6 of the NUIG Treasury Management Policy).

What can petty cash be used for?

Petty cash is to cover minor expenses that do not exceed €50 per item / claim.  In the unlikely event that a single item of planned petty cash expenditure exceeds €50, please email accounts@nuigalway.ie with full particulars.  One of the team will reply with advice on to proceed.  Travel Expenses which are reimbursed through Petty Cash need to be analysed separately on the face of the Petty Cash Release Form‌.  There is a special section for this and the total claim for the expenses must not exceed €50.

How much petty cash can I get?

The petty cash release limit is €250 per school/unit per week.

Do I need to keep receipts for petty cash?

Yes, all receipts must be retained for inspection. The retention period for petty cash support documentation is the current year plus six years.

Can petty cash be used to pay individuals for work?

Petty Cash may NOT be used to pay individuals for work. Such expenditure must be paid via Payroll. Budget-holders should email accounts@nuigalway.ie with full particulars of any queries they may have in this regard. Please see details in relation to Casual Payments on the Payroll Office website.