‌NUI Galway recognises the critical role Guidance Counsellors play in supporting school leavers and other students to progress to third level studies. The Student Recruitment and Outreach team aims to provide clear, accurate and up-to-date information to Guidance Counsellors, to provide an annual calendar of informative and engaging recruitment events some of which will be virtual and to deliver a high quality school liaison programme. My colleagues and I look forward to supporting you and hearing your feedback during the 2021/2022 academic year.” Sarah Geraghty – Director of Student Recruitment and Outreach

Resources for Leaving Cert, 5th Year and
TransitionYear Students

1. Leaving Cert Students At NUI Galway we want to support Leaving Cert Students and their Guidance Counsellors in every way possible.  Our Schools Liaison Team prioritises Leaving Cert students during the first semester and is available to give in-person and virtual talks. In addition, we can also offer college specific talks in the following areas - Business, Law, Science, Engineering, and Arts - to Leaving Cert students.  Attending our Open Days is also a fantastic way to help students get the information they need to make the right decisions when it comes to their education and career journey.  We also have a number of video and podcast resources that these students may find valuable.
2. 5th Year Students Our Schools Liaison Team is available to give talks to Pre-Leaving Cert classes.  These talks usually commence in January of each year. We would also encourage pre-Leaving Cert students to attend our Open Days and to use the information resources on our website including course and college talks as well as our Student Voice Podcast series. This information is designed to help students in their career and further education investigation.
3. Transition Year Students  Transition Year offers students the time and space to consider their future education and career options.  NUI Galway supports Transition Year students and their teachers through our extensive annual TY Taster programme.  Each spring we host a full week of talks from our four colleges which registered students can attend.  Check out last year’s programme of talks here. The Schools Liaison Team is available to give talks to TY classes on choosing Leaving Cert subjects for NUI Galway courses. These talks are available to book from February each year.


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