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One of the Strategic Goals of the University, as set out in our Strategy 2020 to 2025, is that “We will develop and implement a holistic strategy for staff health and wellbeing, building on the WorkPositive Initiative and achieve accreditation through the KeepWell Mark”. 

The challenge of defining Wellbeing has been recognized, with no one agreed upon definition. In a Workplace setting, it is generally accepted that Wellbeing involves: Physical Wellbeing, Emotional Wellbeing, and Social Wellbeing.  As an Employer, we also contribute to your Financial Wellbeing through our various Benefits.  Each of these components has a dedicated page on this website with further information, initiatives, and supports available.

Once the Wellbeing Committee is formed, details of members will be available here and you are welcome to channel feedback through them or email your suggestions/comments to us.

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You can send us any suggestions that you may have to wellness@nuigalway.ie 


KeepWell Mark

KeepWell Mark

KeepWell Mark workplace wellbeing accreditation from Ibec