Continuing Undergraduate Students

  • Continuing students are students progressing to the next year of programme
  • When you receive results from either Summer or Autumn exams confirming you have passed the current year, you are eligible to register for the next (continuing) year.
  • Your record is progressed to the next academic year - 2022/23 and you will receive registration correspondence via email inviting you to register online and advising of opening dates.

*It is only when you receive exam results for 2021/22 that you will be eligible to register for 2022/23.


  • Non EU Postgraduate Reg Flyer

    Non EU Postgraduate Reg Flyer pdf (1071kb)

  • Non EU Undergrad Reg Flyer

    Non EU Undergrad Reg Flyer pdf (807KB)

  • Registration Terminology

    Registration Terminology pdf (10)

  • Postgrad Registration Terminology

    Postgrad Registration Terminology pdf (4 MB)