Course Descriptions

 Please see below our online Summer 2021 courses. Students do one course for the week long summer camp. No prior knowledge of any of the subjects is necessary.

Courses are subject to change

Sounds Class! Analysing media and making your own radio show/podcast

"Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media. This includes; television, radio, Internet, newspapers, magazines, books, billboards, video games, music, and all other forms of media."

Over this course you will;

  • Identify programme formats, production features and target audiences of different shows
  • Start the lifelong habit of active interaction with media, as opposed to passive consumption
  • Learn basic technical terms for radio, podcast & television production
  • Use storyboards and running orders to describe how a programme is structured
  • Plan segments for a show using the broadcast clock
  • Develop a production plan, divide up team roles, prepare a running order and script for your own show
  • Look at interview structures, skills, and plan an online audio interview with a person you admire
  • Use online recording sites, and free to download software to make a short programme which will be broadcast on Flirt FM 101.3, and uploaded to the station's Mixcloud to listen back later
  • If time permits, design visual assets to promote your show/podcast
  • Kick off your amazing career in media ;)

Introduction to Computer Programming

A wide variety of topics will be covered, introducing students to core programming and design concepts.
Each day there will be a brief introduction video which outlines some fundamental techniques that will be helpful for engaging in the subsequent lecture. This will include a step through of how to open and use any necessary software, as well as some basic examples. This course will cover 3 coding applications including: Sketch-up (an open source architecture design tool), Scratch ( an online animated drag and drop coding interface) and Python ( an online scripting language). There are no downloads required for this course as all of these are available to use online. The content of the modules demonstrates a wide array of skills required by budding IT specialists, typically each student will discover their own particular preferences and develop creativity - limited only by their own imagination.

From Users to Developers: Create your Own App

In this course we will prove to you that programming can be much easier than you thought.
During this 6 week course, we will develop fun Android apps each day, starting from the day 1!
For this, we will be using the MIT App Inventor, which is an intuitive and visual programming environment that allows anyone (especially children) to build fully functional Apps for smartphones and tablets without having to learn complicated programming languages.

By the end of the course, students will be able to develop software by themselves, but most importantly, they will be able to think as developers, which is an essential skill for the future.

The Mysterious Mind

In this course, you will learn about psychology by playing games, doing hands-on activities, and sharing your opinions and ideas. You will also do a lot of fun experiments, and then we will talk about why you did what you did and see what others do. Psychology is in everything from making decisions, playing sports, solving crimes, to doing magic. 

Here are some of the topics we will cover:

  • How to create and run experiments 
  • How our eyes and brain can trick us
  • How we can tell people are lying
  • How our brain works and influences us
  • What type of personality we have
  • How we can win at games
  • How we act differently in groups
  • How police use psychology to solve crimes

The Secret Life of Engineers

What is an Engineer? Take this course to find out! This fun and interactive course with hands on learning gives an excellent introduction and overview of all things engineering. Each day will cover a different type of engineering, examples: civil, mechanical, biomedical, software and aeronautical. During the course we will make everything from  mini catapults to bridges and even paper airplanes. The course will give a fun look at what it is like to be an Engineer and the different areas of engineering you can study.

*some materials will be required for your child to complete the experiments in this course . A list of items will be supplied in advance of classes starting.

Wonderful Colourful Chemistry

This interactive course introduces participants to the fundamentals of Chemistry, covering concepts such as Atomic theory, Chemical Bonding & Reactions and Density, in a COLOURFUL way.
Participants should be prepared to become mad scientists with lots of fun experiments from slime making, volcano building to making a rainbow in a bottle incorporated throughout the course (all using items which can be found in the kitchen).

*some materials will be required for your child to complete the experiments for this course. A list of items will be supplied in advance of classes starting.

Biomedical Engineering: Our Body the Machine

Please note this course will only be available as an option for Week 2: Monday 19th July-Friday 23rd July

During this interactive course you will learn about the efficient machine that is the human body from the perspective of engineers. Biomedical engineering applies engineering knowledge to the human body and medical field. Each week a new thematic area will be covered and throughout the course you will be making everything from hands to hearts while using your engineering skills figure out the mechanics behind how they work.

* some materials will need to be purchased for this course. A full list will be sent in advance of courses starting


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