Moving office: Covid-19 update

For safety reasons office moves may be limited or not possible at this time. All requests for office moves will be individually assessed and scheduled if possible. Please submit your application as below and we will be in contact. 

All staff moving  office must comply with Returning to Work Safely Protocols

Buildings & Estates coordinates the services for moving office (including ISS services). Advance notice and planning is required to organise all the services involved.

  • All moves must be approved in advance by Buildings & Estates. Buildings & Estates endeavour to approve moves as quickly as possible, however, there may be a delay depending on volume of requests.
  • Fill in the details on the Application for proposed office move form and email the completed form to 
  • As part of the proposed move application it is necessary to identify any works you may require. The cost of such works will be borne by the College/School/Discipline/Research Unit.  Transfer of funds will be required in advance of your move.  A budget estimate can be provided upon request.
  • Office Move Guidelines and Office Move Form will be issued when the move has been approved by Buildings & Estates.
  • minimum of two week's notice of moves must be given by Move Co-Ordinator to all service providers (Buildings & Estates and ISS). Service schedules can fill up weeks in advance, the Move Co-Ordinator will endeavour to schedule your move as promptly as possible. Please note that due to Covid-19 restrictions extended timelines are likely for completion.
  • Each request for an office move will be risk assessed on an individual basis taking into consideration factors such as:
    number of items to be moved
    weight of items to be moved (One person/Two person lifts)
    access to lifts
    ground floor moves, higher floor moves etc.

This service is for staff moving office only.  
If you wish to request moving of other items e.g. poster boards, brochures, email details of your request to the Buildings & Estates Helpdesk,