Classics in Final-Year Arts

Download: Classics Student Handbook (post 1BA) 2019–20

Download: Classics Timetable 2019–20

Choosing your modules

For your final year in Classics you’ll choose up to three Classics modules per semester, depending on the requirements of your programme of study. The course offering this year includes several innovations. With Dr Herring’s return to the full-time teaching group we are able to offer a number of innovative modules focussed on archaeology and material culture; in addition, we have secured the resources to offer both Latin and Greek at all three levels for the first time in several years. We encourage everyone to make the best of this variety of choices, and to build a strong and disciplined set of choices. You may find yourself structuring your options around a specialism either in language(s) and literature, or in the material heritage of Antiquity; or you may simply take the set of modules that interest you most individually and build a unity of your own. 

Final-Year course structure: Semester One

Core module
CC316 Barbarians

Options in literature, history and material culture
CC3102 Studying Greek Figured Pottery
CCS306 Iconography: The Classical Tradition in Western Art

Language options
CC230 Beginning Latin 1
CCS315 Intermediate Latin 1
CC321 Latin Texts from Medieval Ireland and Britain (advanced level)
CCS205 Ancient Greek for Beginners 1

Interdisciplinary option
SG3100 Cultural Impact of Christianity

Final-Year course structure: Semester Two

Core module
CC3108 Ancient Rhetoric

Options in literature, history and material culture
CC3100 Pompeii
CCS307 Ireland and the Ancient World

Language options
CC232 Beginning Latin 2
CCS316 Intermediate Latin 2
CCS312 Advanced Classical and Medieval Latin 2
CCS206 Ancient Greek for Beginners 2

Special option (subject to application)
CCS303.II Special Research Project in Classics