Welcome to Earth and Ocean Sciences (EOS)

Prof Peter Croot, Head of EOS

4,600,000,000 years in 4 years – let us take you on that journey, from the origin of the solar system through the evolution of life, the building and destruction of mountains, the collision of continents the opening and closing of oceans, all within a widely fluctuating climate.  This is the Earth story.  This is the story you will investigate when you join us in EOS.

At NUI Galway we offer an approach to Earth and Ocean Sciences that is unique in Ireland. Our staff’s expertise covers a wide range of disciplines such as mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry, geophysics, hydrogeology, physical and chemical oceanography, marine biogeochemistry, palaeobiology, sedimentology and plate tectonics. Whether we are studying earthquakes, tectonics, volcanoes, ocean productivity, ocean currents, mass extinctions, climate change, energy or environmental pollution, the most productive insights into these phenomena often arise from interactions amongst the different disciplines.

Whether you are coming from Ireland, UK, continental Europe or beyond, whether you have just left school or are returning to education after years outside of formal education, we hope you will find the Earth and Ocean Sciences programme at Galway a lively, interesting, challenging, engaging and friendly environment. 

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Earth and Ocean Sciences

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What our Lecturers Say

Learn about the processes that form, shape and modify the Earth, our home.

What our Students Say

Galway is the perfect location surrounded by unique lansdscapes and beside the ocean facilitating exciting field trips.