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Further Testimonials from MBA Graduates


Bernie Mcmanamon |   Account Director, CBRE GWS Ireland

In less than a year of completing the MBA, I was recruited by CBRE for an EMEA Account Director role. This is a key senior leadership position within their market leading Global Workplace Solutions Division where I lead the operational delivery of an Integrated Facilities Management solution for one of CBRE’s high value global Pharmaceutical clients.
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Ciaran McGovern |   Managing Director - Tobin Engineering

I can absolutely say that the NUIG MBA brought, and continues to bring a perspective to my thinking that would otherwise not be there today. Completing the MBA was certainly hard work, but ultimately very fulfilling and personally rewarding. It continues to be the gold standard for anyone looking to move into a management role or change in career orientation.
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Klaus Gottsche |   Team Manager, EMEA Customer Success at MathWorks

The NUIG MBA is an energetic, diverse and incredibly broad program that can act as a catalyst for considerable positive change in an individual and in their professional and private lives. Above all, it imbues graduates with the ability to conduct business at all levels of an organisation, anywhere in the world and blends the classic functional, analytical and ethical MBA modules with innovative, bespoke subjects (such as Team Empowerment and Storytelling for Leaders) and a healthy West-of-Ireland supportive and empathetic environment coupled with high levels of respect for the individual. The program contains very valuable learning material, excellent networking opportunities, lively in-class debate and viewpoints and content that have fundamentally changed my opinions on many topics.
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Yvonne Comer |   European Multicultural Experience in Leuven

Set in the historically rich city of Leuven, with it's gothic architecture, ornate buildings with lace-like designs, this module was developed in conjunction with the Institute for Ireland in Leuven. There were varied and interesting speakers on everything from cross-cultural communication, economics, innovation, and managing intrapreneurs, combined with visits to the European Parliament, Mercedes Benz in Maastricht, VKW in Hasselt and the Aachen Industrie and Handelskammer, and a very pleasant fire-side chat with an EU speech writer who gave us an insight into the minds of the politicians that we elect to represent us. After some very long days, the class retired to the Oude Markt to partake in local traditions, make the most of the great weather, and get to know one another better in an informal environment. After all, the MBA provides you the chance to make some lifelong friends who will accomplish great things over their careers in business, and what a stunning location in which to establish the foundations of these friendships.
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Alan Mulhall |   European Multicultural Experience Trip to Leuven

I found the Leuven trip to be very interesting from the point of view of seeing how organisations in such a central geographical location use the diverse cultures of their employees to stimulate intrapreneurship. It was evident from the presentations the pride that organisations such as IMEC and Mercedes-Benz have in their employees being from different countries, cultures and ethnic backgrounds. They ensure these employees have an environment in which their ideas can be shared and developed.

Ashling Heaney |   Associate Director at Wayfair

Three months after I graduated from the MBA, I was promoted to Associate Director of European Service. This new role has given me a great platform to put the strategic management and leadership skills I gained through the MBA into practice."
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Eileen Sweeney |   Marketing Manager, Americas with Aerogen, Chicago, USA

I continue to use my MBA as a reference point when developing and executing company strategy. For me the MBA acted as a springboard for my career. It consolidated my work experience into a recognizable entity.
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Mike Parkinson |   Operational Excellence Lead, Transitions Optical Asia

Most organisations see it as an advantage. The knowledge you build as part of the learning process not only influences others and makes you more effective, but it also gives you more confidence and helps set yourself apart from the crowd.”
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Ruth Kiely |   Physiotherapist

I started my own physiotherapy business in 2004, and as the business developed I realized I needed to develop skills that were not part of my professional training in particular in the areas of management, marketing and IT. I chose the Executive MBA because it offered the full range of disciplines that I needed. With the knowledge gained I have been able to install a software system which allows us to manage all aspects of our business more effectively and efficiently thus giving us a competitive advantage. Highlights from the EMBA programme include the International Study Trip to Fordham University, USA as well as participating and completing the Inter Disciplinary Company Project in the second year. Both are very unique experiences that are offered by this EMBA which has allowed for consolidation of knowledge and skills as well as highlighting possible opportunities for the future
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Tony McCarthy |   Supply Chain Director, Medtronic

I selected the NUIG Executive MBA program because it offered me the opportunity to continue with my career and embark on my MBA education at the same time. This provided me the opportunity to apply the learning in my organization almost simultaneously. The program also offers access to a network of MBA students, alumni, faculty, and business leaders both local and international. Overall it has been a very positive experience.
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