BA (Joint Honours)

Almost all students who study Italian in Galway start at beginner’s level, no previous knowledge of the language is required.

Students are organized into small groups at the start of term and are assigned conversation and language laboratory groups.

The aim of the course in first year is to give students a good grounding in Italian so that by the end of the year they are able to read, write and speak the language.

Even if you choose not to continue studying Italian in your second year, you will have the benefit of being able to speak another language.

Why Study Italian? 

  • The quality of care, individual attention and successful teaching devoted to students by members of the discipline ensures that the programme is very rewarding.  Italian is taught in small groups with students benefiting from greater interaction with lecturers.
  • An increasing volume of trade and of cultural exchanges between Ireland and Italy has widened the demand for professionals with proficiency in the Italian language.  Graduates of Italian are now very much in demand in the areas of education, marketing, industry and tourism, both in Ireland and abroad.
  • It is enjoyable!  Students are welcome to join the Italian Society, which organizes social and cultural events and provides an ideal opportunity for Irish and Italian students to meet and socialize.  Various events are also organised during the academic year, such as seminars, exhibitions, lectures and social evenings.
  • You have an opportunity to spend a year of your degree in Italy, discovering a new and vibrant country.   

Read Italian Brochure 2022 here