Books image for PHD and Research Degrees

‌‌As a research student of the College  of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies you will have the opportunity to work, study and share your research experiences with more than 320 postgraduate researchers and academics covering a broad range of disciplines, themes and historical eras from the medieval to the modern.

The College of Arts, Social Sciences provides several types of PhD and Masters level research programmes. These include:

  • Structured PhD Programmes.
  • Denominated PhD Programmes.
  • Taught PhD Programmes.
  • Article Based PhD Programmes.
  • Practice Based PhD Programmes.
  • Research Masters.
  • Part-time PhD Programmes.

 Collaborative, creative, interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial research opportunities exist in the areas of Sociology and Political Science, Psychology, the Humanities, Geography and Archaeology, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, and Education.