Official Examination Results

Provisional Results: The Examinations Office releases official examination results only and is not involved in the release of any provisional results. Provisional results may be released locally by Schools/Colleges via Blackboard Grade Centre. Students are advised to check Blackboard for information about provisional results in the first instance.

Summer Results

Summer (1st Sitting) Results are released online at 12:00 on the day of official results release

  • Undergraduate Results: Official 1st Sitting results are scheduled for release from 8th -13th July 2021. 
  • Postgraduate Results: Official Summer (1st Sitting) results are scheduled for release on Wednesday, 21st July 2021.
  • International Students: Official Results (course instances 1EM1, 1OA2, 1OA3 only) are released via the International Office.

Autumn Results

Autumn (1st Sitting) Results
Autumn (2nd Sitting) Results

  • Undergraduate Results: Official 2nd Sitting results are scheduled for release on 3rd September 2021.
  • Postgraduate Results: Official Postgraduate Autumn (1st, 2nd Sitting) results are scheduled for release on Thursday, 16th September 2021.
  • Final Nursing: Official results are scheduled for release on 5th October 2021

Winter Results

Winter Results

  • Postgraduate Winter: Official (1st Sitting) results are scheduled for release on Tuesday, 21st October 2021. 


*** NOTE: Results for the following courses, 1DOE1, 2DOE1, 1PBP2, 1PBP7 & 1PBP8 are available through the 1st Sitting Summer results link. ***

International Students Official Results (course instances 1EM1, 1OA1, 1SWB1 only) are released via the International Office.

We cannot discuss students' results with anyone other than the students themselves, in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Results also cannot be disclosed over the telephone.

Where 'Fail', 'Incomplete' or 'Deferred' appears as the Overall result on your transcript of results, you will be automatically registered to take any written modules for the Autumn session of examinations. Repeat examinations are scheduled August 9th to 19th, 2021. For repeat coursework, contact the relevant Discipline. Please click here for information regarding the repeat fee. Students are not permitted to retake subjects/modules which have been previously passed, or passed by compensation.

Undergraduate Final-Year results and Postgraduate results only will be posted to the candidate's home address as registered - these results will also be available on-line (following Semester 2 examinations)*. All other results will be available online only (following Semester 2 examinations).

Further copies of result transcripts can be obtained from the Student Registry Helpdesk.

Transcripts/Results cannot be faxed or emailed to individuals, they are posted to the home address specified.

* Some postgraduate results are not available online - check here (Examination Results Inquiry) for a full listing of course instances available online.

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