Antibiotic Resistance Epidemiology


Antibiotics, once hailed as superdrugs, are becoming less effective due to their own success. Through the emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance superbugs (resistant to many antibiotics), are posing a threat to our healthcare system.

When we take an antibiotic our microbial gut flora is affected because antibiotics don’t only kill the bad bacteria, they also kill the ones we need. Additionally, antibiotics also result in bacteria becoming resistant, which mean that antibiotics cannot kill the bacteria that make us sick. Antibiotic resistance epidemiology aims to understand how the use of antibiotics affects the emergence and spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria in populations. When we have a better understanding of the processes involved, we may be able to target interventions to stop the spread of resistant bacteria.

As the main driver of antibiotics resistance is the use of antibiotics, we care currently conducting a complex intervention in general practice to address antibiotic prescribing, the SIMPle study