How to reset your browser to default settings


Resetting a browser to its default settings can often fix issues that may occur due to installing extra software such as toolbars or indeed if you make a change yourself. 

These procedures outline how to reset browser settings on the three most commonly used browsers in NUI Galway

Google Chrome

STEP 1 - Open Google Chrome

In the top-right hand cornor of the browser, click on the Chrome Menu

Select Settings

STEP 2 - Do a search for Reset Settings.

You'll be presented with an option to reset the Reset Browser

Click on the Reset Button

STEP 3 - Once you get Reset Settings menu, click Reset

Note that this reset affects your homepage, disables extensions etc.

Mozilla Firefox

STEP 1 - Click on the Help Menu and choose Troubleshooting Information

STEP 2 -  Click on Refresh Firefox

STEP 3 - On the pop up menu that appears, click on Refresh Firefox

Firefox will erase your extensions and themes, browser preferences, search engines, site-specific preferences, and other browser settings. However, Firefox will attempt to preserve your bookmarks, history, passwords, form history, and cookies.

Internet Explorer

STEP 1 - Click on the Settings Cog on the top right of the browser

Click on Internet Options

STEP 2 - Click on the Advanced Menu

Click on Reset

STEP 3 - Click Reset

If you want you can tick the box to Delete Personal Settings which will wipe any personalization you may have in terms of Home Page, default search engine etc.