How to Update Microsoft Office


It is recommened that you run Microsoft Office Update regualarly to ensure that Office is up to date and is secure.

  • This procedure is for Office 2011 but would be equally applicable to Office 2015 for Mac. The only difference being is that the screenshots will look slightly different.
  • You must have a network connection in order to connect to the Office Update Service.
  • Please save all open documents and close out of them.


Note: you will be asked for the local Apple Admin password in order to proceed with the installation


Step 1. Open any office application

  • Click on Help
  • Check for Updates

Once Microsoft AutoUpdate starts, please close the Office application you used to begin the process. 

Step 2. Ensure that you choose to Automactically check for updates and choose the appropriate time period to check for them. 

  • Automatically
  • Weekly
  • Check for Updates when ready

Step 3. The update service will come back with appropriate update you need.  If your version of Office is at a very low level of patching, you may need to install a couple of updates.

  • Tick the Box to choose to install the Update
  • Click Install

Note: you will be asked for the loca Apple Admin password in order to proceed with the installation

Step 5.  Click Continue

Step 6. Click Continue

Step 7. Click Agree to the License Agreement

Step 8. Click on Install

Step 9. The installer process will start

Step 10. Once finished you will be notification that the installation was successful.

Note: Office Update will run again immediately after the process. If it finds more updates to run, please continue the process.