Web Support Service

A Web support service is applied to the use and management of officially branded NUI Galway Web sites that are hosted on the University’s Web site hosting service. Support covers the creation and management of Web content using the University’s Content Management System (CMS).

Who can use the service?   

The support service is only available to University Web site administrators who use the official Web publishing template and CMS.


  • Content Management System is available 24x7 
  • For support queries, contact the Service Desk from 09:15 to 17:00 (Monday – Friday) 

Prerequisites required for the service

  • The Web site must be authorised by the Head of Unit. 
  • The Head of Unit must also assign at least one, but preferably two, Web Administrators to maintain the website  - ISS will not be in a position to edit any website content on their behalf.


CMS training is provided by Web Services via an on-demand course.  A self-help resource is also available, complete with FAQsworking examplesbrowser tools, and interactive demonstrations.

Setup instructions for users

To request:

  • a new (blank) website and CMS access to edit it
  • access to edit an existing website

Contact the Service Desk (by logging a helpdesk ticket,  phoning. x5777 or eMailing servicedesknuigalway.ie ).

Troubleshooting Tips for users

For faster problem resolution, we recommend you check the Self-Help site's Course VideosTroubleshooting Checklist, FAQs,  working examples,  browser tools, and interactive demonstrations before logging a support ticket.
Support tickets must be logged by contacting the Service Desk (Tel. x5777 | eMail servicedesknuigalway.ie).

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