Conflict and Terrorism

Conflict, crime, and terrorism undermine societal cohesion and the wellbeing of citizens. Efforts to design and implement evidencebased approaches to preventing and responding to violence in all its forms can benefit society as a whole. Social scientists at NUI Galway are working on projects that will enhance our understanding of violent radicalisation.

These projects are generating evidence on critical thinking, social influence, group dynamics and a range of other factors associated with resilience, and susceptibility, to violent radicalisation. We are also developing solutions in the area of security decision-making, conflict negotiation and the prevention of gang violence. We have colleagues who are international leaders in the fields of human rights, ethics and women in conflict.

As well as being active researchers, many of those conducting research on conflict and terrorism have worked as practitioners, including as psychologists in law enforcement (police psychology), prisons, probation and military settings.