Introduction to Information Solutions and Services


Information Solutions and Services is charged by the University with:
  • Providing an effective, secure and confidential computing service to the academic departments and offices of the University;
  • Supporting the University network and providing email, Intranet and Internet services to all staff and students on a University-wide basis;
  • Delivering a reliable, consistent, high availability service while continuing to develop the technology infrastructure of the University;
  • Co-ordinating the technology strategy of the University.

We aim to provide students with access to the ICT facilities which they need to succeed in their studies at NUI Galway.  These facilities include high speed Internet access, an NUI Galway email account, and access to the resources of the James Hardiman Library and the Blackboard virtual learning environment.  These services are accessible from the on-campus PC suites, from suitably equipped laptops using the on-campus wireless network, and from anywhere in the world over the Internet. 

These basic desktop services are enhanced by the availability in on-campus PC suites of some 150 applications and of shared file and print services.  Students use these in classes and examinations to undertake their programmes of study.

These student services are complemented by services to teaching staff, who can book PC suites and use them to deliver the academic programmes which they teach.  We work with teaching staff to ensure that the applications installed in the suites continue to meet their needs, year on year.  We also work with the CELT Audio Visual service to provide ICT support in lecture theatres and in other teaching and learning environments.

We provide teachers, researchers and academic support staff with desktop and email services.  We administer the "Registrar’s PC Scheme" under which certain academic staff are provided with their desktop computer or laptop.  We install these and other computers and provide a campus wide desktop support service, in some cases working together with our customers.  Increasingly we are asked to provide and support staff in their work remotely from the campus.

Underpinning these desktop services we also provide the ICT Infrastructure which supports the whole University community.  This includes the University’s campus network, a wireless network which is growing to cover the campus, high speed external Internet Access, and the means of securing your network.  We have a secure serviced computer room, with standby electrical power.  We use this computer room to accommodate the equipment used to provide our own services, the services of other providers, and certain research equipment.

We also have a responsibility to support the University web site and to support units in the University in delivering their own websites. 

Finally, we have an important responsibility to provide the University with technology leadership.  We have to track change in the University, in the educational environment and in the world of technology, working to ensure that the University’s technology services are positioned to meet new challenges. 

This does not necessarily mean that our role is to identify new services to be developed and provided by Information Solutions and Services.  We have to be aware of the capabilities which exist inside and outside the University, and to work with the University community to discover what is best for all.  This reflects our overall aim - to provide the right services to the right people at the right cost and at the right time and place.

The computing services offered over the campus network are as follows:
  • An email service for staff, (Mail), uses Microsoft Exchange server technology and an email service for students (StudentMail) which is a hosted service called Outlook Live provided by the University in collaboration with Microsoft. 
  • Windows PC suites.
  • Internet access via the wide area network HEAnet.
  • Web and other network and security services.
  • Printing and scanner services.

Information Solutions and Services also co-ordinates central software purchasing deals via CHEST (IRL) and a University-wide maintenance agreement for Apple equipment. Information Solutions and Services also manages the site licence for a range of Microsoft software products known collectively as the Microsoft Campus Connect Deal.

Connecting to the Campus Network

Staff and Postgraduate students who wish to access Information Solutions and Services facilities from their own desktop computers must complete a (node registration form) available from the ISS Service Desk. See the documentation on Connecting to the Campus Network.

Service Desk

The  Service Desk is available to provide a technical support facility to all staff and students. Service Desk staff deal with administrative queries, account queries, technical queries and record hardware and software service requests and fault reports. The Service Desk  is located in the foyer of the James Hardiman Library. Users may drop in on a first come first served basis. For non-urgent problems, it may be more convenient to raise a support request, please login to the Service Desk Ticketing System or email the Service Desk ( telephone extension 5777.

Getting a User Account

All students are automatically registered to use the NetWare servers and are given an email address and can access these following formal University registration. Re-enrollers will retain their existing accounts and passwords.

Any student with problems or queries about their user account on any of our servers should contact the Service Desk. Please remember to bring your current NUI, Galway student ID card with you.

PC Suites

A number of Public Access PC Suites are available to all registered users. These are primarily undergraduate teaching facilities and are booked for this purpose. Class bookings for each suite are posted on the door of each suite.

Central Printing Facilities

Information Solutions and Services provide central printing facilities.

Black-and-white laser printouts are charged at the rate of € 0.08 per single page, € 0.12 per double side page, colour output is charged at the rate of € 0.20 per single page and € 0.30 per double side page. 

Payment for printing credits may be made online in advance of printing