QS Subject Ranking Results

The QS 2021 Subject Rankings (published 3rd  March 2021), show NUI Galway to have achieved/retained a rank in nineteen subjects.  This year we see the subject of Nursing returning to the ranking table and an improvement in three subjects Computer Science & Information Systems (251-300), Psychology (201-250) and Education (201-250).  The QS World University Rankings by Subject cover a total of 51 disciplines, grouped into five broad subject areas. They are compiled annually to help prospective students identify the leading universities in a particular subject.  

See details below of NUI Galway's performance in the 2021 Subject Rankings with those subjects which have improved highlighted in green.  For further details of other universities, click on the QS 2021 Subject Rankings.

QS Subject Rank 2021 c


QS Subject Ranking Results Previous Years


 QS Subject 2017 Results b


QS Subject Ranking Results, 2016

The QS Subject ranking results are published in spring of each year. NUI Galway has been internationally recognised in 12 subjects out of 36 in the 2016 QS Subject Rankings.

QS Subject Results

For more details on NUI Galway's subject ranking, click on the IRO's Intranet.

QS Subject Metric Weighting

The QS subject ranking is based on four metrics,

The weighting of each of these metrics varies in each subject area. See the breakdown in the table below.

QS Subject Weight Arts 19

QS Subject Weight Engineering 19

QS Subject Weight Nat Science 19

QS Subject Weight  Life Science 2019

QS Subject Weighting Social Sciences 2019 Rev B