1.         M.Sc. in Multidisciplinary Radiology  (GYM 09 and GYM 10)

After some time in evolution, the Radiology Department is delighted to be able to offer the Masters of Science degree programme in Multidisciplinary Radiology, which commenced in October 2014 with an intake of 11 students.  This offers an opportunity to study for a higher degree in a taught masters programme comprising the core module of Radiologic Anatomy and Physics, along with a choice of a maximum of five further modules involving five key clinical disciplines, and three general academic disciplines.  This is complemented by a research dissertation, culminating in a 4,500 word ready to publish Journal article.  This can be done over one year full-time, but more usually two years part-time. 

While the course design currently is aimed at medical graduates, it is hoped that in the fullness of time, it will be possible to extend and offer both this course, and other new courses incorporating other appropriate modules to other paraclinical disciplines, in particular Radiography, Nursing, and those with backgrounds in the other health sciences.  The current intake comprises a mix of EU graduates, and international students.  (Full information is available on the specifics of this course on the Postgraduate website (//www.nuigalway.ie/courses/taught-postgraduate-courses/multidisciplinary-radiology.html), and applications are made through PAC (www.pac.ie) ).  Informal discussions can be had by enquiry to Prof Peter Mccarthy (peter.mccarthy@nuigalway.ie) or to Dr. Shane Davy (shane.davy@nuigalway.ie).

Other postgraduate degrees are offered, including a full-time Research Masters Degree, M.D. Degree and Ph.D. Degrees (www.pac.ie) such as time will occasionally allow, however because of the current staffing levels, these are not always available.