Final Medical Year 

Radiology is a core discipline in the Final Medical year.  During the academic year, within the general medical disciplines in the first semesters, radiology tutorials and lectures are delivered on key topics, and students receive general outlines of the roles of radiology in the disciplines of acute medicine and surgery, cardiovascular disease with respiratory disease and gastroenterology, both in the core hospital, and also in the regional academies.  

In the second semester, further teaching is delivered in the specialist disciplines to underpin the teaching and the application of Radiology in these disciplines.  Details of all of the regular weekly tutorials are available on blackboard ( 

Radiology plays a particularly key role in the Cancer and Imaging module, and during this module, students are given tutorials on cancer imaging in general, but also breast imaging, and the role of interventional radiology in the treatment and investigation of such patients. 

Throughout the year, a weekly case presentation conference in held, currently organized on Tuesday afternoons, at which each of the final medical students gets a chance to do a case presentation.  This presentation outlines the role of imaging in the diagnosis, treatment and investigation of current patients who have recently been seen by the student.

The final medical examination Gold Medal in radiology is awarded to the student finishing with the highest marks in radiology, the computation of which is as follows (20% case presentation, 40% Christmas Exam Imaging Questions, and 40% on the imaging station during the final medical examination).

Students finishing in the top three positions in the final medical examination are offered the opportunity to sit the Henry Hutchinson Stewart Examination in Clinical Radiology, a competition which was set up at the instigation of Professor McCarthy and in negotiation with the National University of Ireland in 2011 ( 

In the third trimester (intern transitioning), radiology also plays a key role in informing final medical students on techniques and applications of clinical radiology for their patients during their internships.