Second Medical Year Radiologic Anatomy 

This Special Study Module, which was commenced in the academic year 2010-2011, offers an opportunity to be exposed to the basic principles of radiology during the second semester of the second medical year (max 10 students).  Over a 10-week period, tutorials are given in basic radiography, plain film examinations, ultrasound, CT, MRI and interventional radiology and in their basic applications particularly in relation to Applied Anatomy.

Fourth Medical Year Radiologic Anatomy Review

It is very clear that while students are taught anatomy superbly in their first and second medical years, by the time they arrive in the later clinical years, much of this anatomic knowledge has diffused, and there is a real need for a primer of Imaging Anatomy to underpin the later medical years.  Consequently in the academic year 2014-2015, a new Special Study Module is offered to a maximum of 12 students in the second semester of the fourth medical year in this regard.  Students are given anatomic reviews as they apply to the upper and lower limbs, the chest, the abdomen and pelvis, the brain / skull, as well as the spine in order to refresh the anatomy course with particular application to the preparation for students entering their final medical year.

In addition to these modules and the final medical year teaching, the discipline of Radiology is also involved in giving occasional lectures to first and second year medical students during their anatomy course, to third medical students during their pathology course, and at various points in Biomedical Engineering courses.