Telephone Instructions and FAQ's for the J169/J179 Handset

These are some frequently asked questions for the Avaya j169/J179 handset, if your question has not been answered here please consult the quick reference guide or contact the Service Desk.  

What the buttons do for the J169 and J179.

 ‌‌Button function for the J169 handset.

My phone won't ring what should I do? 

1. Volume may be turned down, use the plus button to turn it up 

Volume buttons for each phone

2. Send calls to voicemail is on

  • 3rd button down on the right-hand side of the screen is green, it should be red.

Send calls to voicemail button

How do I forward calls to another extension?

  1. Press the Main menu
  2. Scroll to Features
  3. Scroll to Call Fwd
  4. Select
  5. Enter the number you wish to forward to

Answering a call when on another call

The phone puts the first call on hold and moves to the second call.

Do one of the following:

  • Press the Answer softkey
  • Press OK

You can switch between the two calls using the top buttons on the left and right of the phone.

Adding a person to an Active call

Use this procedure to add participants to an active call or to set up a 4 person conference call.

1. Start a call

2. When in call, on the Phone screen, press More > Conf (The existing call is now on hold)

3. To make a call to a participant, do one of the following:

  • Dial the Phone number using the dial pad
  • Call from Recent contact list
  • Redial the last number by using the redial softkey

4. When the 3rd participant answers the call, press the Join softkey

5. To add another person, press Add and repeat step 3 and 4

Viewing call history

To display the details of previous calls.

  • Press Recent
  • Select the number you want to view
  • Press Details

Adding a contact from Recents list 

Use this procedure to add a number to your Contacts list from your call history.

1. Press Recant

2. Scroll to the required number, and press + Contacts

3. In the First Name and Last Name fields, type the relevant information

(The phone assigns the extension number to the last name. You can remove the extension number from the last name and add information in the last name.)

4. Press Save

Setting a personalised ringtone

Use this procedure to set a ring tone for different uses.
1. Press Main menu
2. Scroll to Settings and press Select
3. Scroll to Audio, and press Select
4. Scroll to Personalize ringing, and press Select
5. Scroll to one of the following options:
  • Primary
  • Team Key
  • Bridged CA
  • Call Pickup
6. Press one of the following:
  • Select
  • OK
7. Scroll to the ringtone, and press Select
8. (Optional) To play the ringtone, press Play
9. Press Save