Course Overview

**Business Conversion Programme Available to Non-Business and Business Graduates**

This HDip programme is designed to provide you as a non-business graduate with a well-rounded understanding of business. You will be educated in the fundamental skills of business administration, enabling you to play an active role in the management and development of business enterprises. All modules assume no previous knowledge of the subject.

This programme provides you with the fundamental skills to work in business, and will complement your existing degree. It also provides you with an opportunity for further postgraduate study, with exemptions provided from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) exams.

For engineering graduates, the programme is approved as part of the Engineers Ireland’s Registered Training Providers Programme.



Applications and Selections

Applications are made online via the NUI Galway Postgraduate Applications System. 

Who Teaches this Course

  • Ms Breda Lally
  • Dr Geraldine Robbins
  • Mr Cathal O'Curraoin
  • Ms Patricia Martyn 
  • Mr Shane Durcan
  • Ms Maura O'Connell 
  • Dr Adele Smith 
  • Dr Gerard Turley
  • Prof Willie Golden
  • Dr Garry Lohan
  • Dr Edel Doherty
  • Dr Hugh Kelley
  • Dr Josephine Igoe
  • Mr Martin Hughes 
  • Dr Elaine Wallace 
  • Ms Maureen Maloney 
  • Dr Deirdre Curran 
  • Dr Natasha Evers 
  • Mr Chris Barry 
  • Ms Anna-Louise Hinds

Requirements and Assessment

Semester One exams: December.
Semester Two exams: April/May. A range of assessment methods are applied throughout the programme. These include essays, projects, reports, presentations and case studies.

Key Facts

Entry Requirements

Applicants should hold a NQAI Level 8 qualification or equivalent. International applicants who are not native speakers of English may be required to provide evidence of fluency. The minimum requirement is IELTS score of 6.5 or equivalent.

Additional Requirements


1 academic year (September to May)

Next start date

September 2020

A Level Grades ()

Average intake


Closing Date

Please refer to the offer rounds/closing date webpage.

NFQ level

Mode of study


ECTS weighting




Course code


Course Outline

This programme includes core modules on Accounting, Financial Management, Economics, Management, Marketing Principles, Management Information Systems, and Communications in Organisations. A wide range of optional modules are also available to students in Semester Two, which include Accounting for Management Decisions, Macroeconomics, Employment Relations, Global Marketing, eBusiness, and Business Law. The range of modules available allows students to either specialise in a particular discipline or to study a broad range of business subjects.

*Optional modules may be subject to change.

Curriculum Information

Curriculum information relates to the current academic year (in most cases).
Course and module offerings and details may be subject to change.

Glossary of Terms

You must earn a defined number of credits (aka ECTS) to complete each year of your course. You do this by taking all of its required modules as well as the correct number of optional modules to obtain that year's total number of credits.
An examinable portion of a subject or course, for which you attend lectures and/or tutorials and carry out assignments. E.g. Algebra and Calculus could be modules within the subject Mathematics. Each module has a unique module code eg. MA140.
Some courses allow you to choose subjects, where related modules are grouped together. Subjects have their own required number of credits, so you must take all that subject's required modules and may also need to obtain the remainder of the subject's total credits by choosing from its available optional modules.
A module you may choose to study.
A module that you must study if you choose this course (or subject).
Required Core Subject
A subject you must study because it's integral to that course.
Most courses have 2 semesters (aka terms) per year, so a three-year course will have six semesters in total. For clarity, this page will refer to the first semester of year 2 as 'Semester 3'.

Year 1 (60 Credits)

Required MG524: Management - 5 Credits - Semester 1
Required MK204: Marketing Principles - 5 Credits - Semester 1
Required AY871: Accounting - 5 Credits - Semester 1
Required AY872: Financial Management I - 5 Credits - Semester 1
Required MS873: Management Information Systems I - 5 Credits - Semester 1
Required EC871: Economics 1 - 5 Credits - Semester 1
Optional MG325: Employment Relations - 5 Credits - Semester 2
Optional MK341: Brand Management - 5 Credits - Semester 2
Optional MK303: Global Marketing - 5 Credits - Semester 2
Optional MK203: Buyer Behaviour Analysis - 5 Credits - Semester 2
Optional LW190: Business Law 1 - 5 Credits - Semester 2
Optional AY209: International Financial Reporting I - 5 Credits - Semester 2
Optional LW428: European Union Law II - 5 Credits - Semester 2
Optional AY874: Accounting For Management Decisions - 5 Credits - Semester 2
Optional AY875: Financial Management II - 5 Credits - Semester 2
Optional MG2101: Entrepreneurial Venture Development - 5 Credits - Semester 2
Optional EC2101: Macroeconomics and the Business Environment - 5 Credits - Semester 2
Optional MS2100: Cybersecurity - 5 Credits - Semester 2
Optional MS4100: Advanced Research Topics in Information Systems - 5 Credits - Semester 2
Optional MS4101: Implementing Digital Innovation - 5 Credits - Semester 2
Required MG872: Communications In Organizations - 5 Credits - Semester 2
Optional MS203: Information Systems Management - 5 Credits - Semester 2
Optional MS412: Information Systems Innovation - 5 Credits - Semester 2
Optional AY206: Financial Accounting I - 5 Credits - Semester 2
Optional LW160.DB: Business Law - 5 Credits - Semester 2

Why Choose This Course?

Career Opportunities

Graduates get jobs in a diverse range of industries, such as marketing, financial services, information systems and human resources. Graduates have been employed by Allied Irish Banks (Credit Management), First Derivatives and Zurich Treasury Services. Every year a number of graduates pursue further postgraduate study at Master’s level, such as the MSc Marketing, MSc Industrial Relations and HR Management programmes.

DBS Michelle


Who’s Suited to This Course

The Higher Diploma in Business studies is suitable for you if you:

  • have an interest in business
  • would like to pursue a career in business
  • wish to pursue a Masters degree in business and you do not have a business undergraduate degree
  • wish to complement your undergraduate degree with a business qualification
  • like working in teams
  • wish to develop your communication skills

Learning Outcomes

The Higher Diploma in Business equips students with knowledge of the fundamentals of business that can be applied in any organisational setting. Upon graduation you will:

  • have acquired skills in Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Economics and Information Systems
  • be able to work effectively as an individual, in teams and in multi-disciplinary settings together with the capacity to undertake lifelong learning
  • display mature literacy and comprehension of business subject matter
  • be able to apply the concepts and skills learnt in a variety of business contexts
  • identify, analyse and solve business problems
  • be able to communicate effectively using written, oral or presentation skills


Work Placement

Study Abroad

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Course Fees

Fees: EU

€5,965 p.a. 2019/20

Fees: Tuition

€5,741 p.a. 2019/20

Fees: Student levy

€224 p.a. 2019/20

Fees: Non EU

€13,250 p.a. 2019/20
EU Postgraduate students in receipt of a SUSI grant – please note an F4 grant is where SUSI will pay €2,000 towards your tuition.  You will be liable for the remainder of the total fee.  An F5 grant is where SUSI will pay TUITION up to a maximum of €6,270.  SUSI will not cover the student levy of €224.

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What Our Students Say


Michelle Murray |   Marketing Executive at Nua Naturals

The DBS came at the perfect time as I wanted a career change from the education sector and business was something I really wanted to try my hand at. This course gave me the opportunity to completely change my path, challenge myself and excel in an area I hadn't worked in before.
in Connect with Michelle

Kevin Armstrong |   DBS Grad 2016, Strategy Innovation & People Management 2017

As an undergraduate student at NUI Galway, the HDip in Business Studies program was an easy choice for me. Like many others, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Geography but was unsure of what to do next. The HDip in Business Studies provides an accessible route into the world of Business for non-business graduates, it also qualifies graduates to go on and pursue the vast majority of Business Masters programs. My favourite aspect of the program was the wide array of Business areas that are covered, it provides a solid grounding in disciplines such as Marketing, Economics, Management and much more. I believe this course is invaluable preparation for working in any sector, not just Business. It would furnish any undergraduate degree to provide a well-rounded education, as well as opening doors to new areas.

Damien Gunning |   Regional Sales Manager at Ornua North America

I feel that the DBS will be a stepping stone in my academic life and firmly believe it will help contribute greatly to my study of another strand of the business learning curve.

Sarah Gilchrist |   Current Student

I have gained invaluable experience in working as part of a team and communicating effectively. The size of the class is relatively small (approx. 50 students) so we all got to know one another quite well, which made the course and year even more enjoyable. The focus on group assignments and team work has provided invaluable experience and developed my ability to work as part of a team, a skill which is valued highly by all potential employers.

Mark Naughton |   Business Development Associate at Salesforce

I chose NUIG because of my love for Galway city accompanied by the great experience I had here throughout my undergraduate degree. This degree appealed to me because I wanted to gain a broad knowledge of the various aspects of business and increase my overall business acumen.
in Connect with Mark

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Best College of Business 2019

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