Semester 2 Online Module Registration / Change of Mind

Online module registration / change of mind for Semester 2 modules only is open from 11.00 a.m. on 8th Jan to 1st Feb.  To make any changes to semester 1 modules  on your curriculum - please email the discipline .
Note:  Please ensure that your registration record (  matches your Blackboard record.


2018-2019 Registration Info

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Online Registration is now closed.  Click here for further information on how to register for your programme.

SUSI Now Open

SUSI logo Applications for the student grant system for 2018/2019 are now open.                  For further information, please see  

2018 Student Correspondence

See below for correspondence sent to various student groups for the start of term...

TitleTarget Audience
1st Year Taught Postgraduate Students | Leagan Gaeilge How to Register - 1st year Postgrad students
Welcome back to your next year of Study - ALL | Leagan Gaeilge   Returning / Continuing UNDERGRAD students
Returning from a Leave of Absence - ALL Students returning from a Leave of Absence / Year out 
Lets get started - we want your photo for your id card New UG and PG Students with no photo
Welcome back to your next year of Study - PGT All Taught Progressing/Continuing Students
Return from Study Abroad / Placement - ALL FInal Year students returning from Year Abroad / Placement 
3rd Year Students commencing Study Abroad / Placement Arts start year abroad - LG - Arts      
 Repeating the year - Register online from 2nd Sept Leagan Gaeilge  Students repeatig the year   
ID card Collection Arts Tues Arts thurs day Med Tues Eng Tues BusinessLawScience Wed