Online Reg Closed - How to Register

Online Registration for 20/21 is now closed. 

Online registration has now closed for 2020/2021. If you wish to Register for this academic year, the following is required and in the order listed below:

1. COLLEGE PERMISSION: Permission from College / Discipline to register, forward this email to Reghelp
2. FEES: Contact the Fees Office at . Once the Fees Office have cleared you to register, email with confirmation of same.
3. STUDENT: In order for us to manually register you, we require your authorisation, please reply to this email if you want to register and accept the Universities Terms & Conditions.
I am hereby bound by the Terms & Conditions set out in the attached link and by emailing I confirm by consent.

Please click on your student type below for further information:

New Undergrad   |    Continuing / Progressing      |   New Postgrad


*Important Exam Timetable Information*

Please note that the Semester 1 Exam timetable has now been produced.

ADDITIONS:- Any module addition(s) will appear on both your online registration and Blackboard - however additions that were approved after November 13th, 2020 will not appear on your personal exam timetable. What do you need to do ? Please email for exam details.
DELETIONS:- Any Deleted modules at this stage will appear on your personal timetable but you can ignore this as it has been deleted from your registration record and will not appear on your exam results.
- Check your registered curriculum at


Semester 2 Change of Mind

Online module registration / change of mind for (where your course permits) is open for the following student groups:

  • Research & Sructured PhDs -  @ 10.00 a.m. on Wed, 6th Jan until Wed, 20th Jan. Click Here to login to your Student Portal.
  • Undergrad & Taught Postgrad - @ 10.00 a.m. on Tues, 26th Jan until Fri, 19th Feb.

Note:  Please ensure that your registration record (  matches your Blackboard record.