Campus Account

Campus Account (IT Account)

Campus Account (IT Account) provides access, using a single user ID and password, to the: , PC Suites,  WiFiEmail & Office 365 Apps*, BlackboardLibrary SystemsSelf-Service RegistrationMyCampusPlacementExam timetable and Exam results

*Your student email username is your NUI Galway email address

What is your Campus account (IT Account) Username

User ID is your current Registration/Student ID number.  This ID is used to access all services except student email (Office 365).  Your student email username is your NUI Galway email address Go to CASS to get your student email address.

Get started by activating your Campus Account (IT Account)

How to activate your Campus Account

  1. Go online to  Note: Your temporary activation password allows access to PC Suites and WiFi on-campus.
  2. Login using the following credentials: 
    User ID is your current Registration/Student ID number
    Password is your temporary Activation Password galwayDDMM  (the word galway followed by the date and month from your Date of Birth e.g. If your date of birth is the 9th of November your temporary activation password is galway0911).
  3. Complete the activation questions.
  4. Choose your new Campus Account Password. Note:  Password must be at least 8 characters in length.
  5. Your Campus Account is now active

Remember that you must complete student registration online (login with your Campus Account ID and Password).

Forgot my Campus Account (IT Account) Password

Go online to CASS and click "Forgot Password?"


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