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Quality Office

The National University of Ireland Galway is a self-governing research-led university providing a comprehensive suite of self-accredidated programmes of learning. All University staff and students are responsible for working together as a community of scholars in assuring and enhancing the quality of research, teaching and services.

Quality assurance activities are carried out in compliance with three external standards arising from European and National government statutes and in particular the EU Bologna Process, the Universities Act 1997 and Qualifications and Quality Assurance Act 2012. The three standards are:

In addition, QA activities are guided by a number of external policies and guidelines published by QQI (formerly IUQB), IHEQN and HEA.   Internal Quality and QA activities are also guided by the University’s Vision 2020 strategic plan that outlines specific goals for quality and performance enhancement and also by the HEA’s Mission-Based Performance Compact 2014-2017.

NUI Galway implements external quality standards and guidelines through a comprehensive suite of internal Policies and Procedures (P&P’s) in addition an extensive number of internal University statutes that define the role, duties and responsibilities of various organisational units and committees and that extend to the responsibilities of individual staff. External standards and guidelines are also implemented through a comprehensive set of P&Ps focussed on quality reviews and enhancements. The impact of internal P&Ps including policies around quality review are measured through a comprehensive set of impact metrics.