Institutional Reviews

Policies and procedures at NUI Galway are reviewed periodically (typically every seven years) by an external body.


The first external review was conducted in 2004/2005 by the European University Association through its Institutional Evaluation Programme.  The Review Report led to various policy enhancements.


A second external review took place in 2010/2011.  The key documents generated as part of the review including the reviewers report and key recommendations are available when you click here.


The most current external review took place in 2018/2019 under the auspices of Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI). An internal self-assessment team was established to assess quality assurance and prepare an institutional self-assessment report for the review. 

Key documents are available below:

Annual AQR/ADM

In addition to periodic external reviews mentioned above, NUI Galway also reports annually to QQI regarding its QA activities and also meets with its representatives to discuss QA developments, including new and revised standards and guidelines across the higher education sector.  

Annual Reports: